Susan Wojcicki

YouTube CEO says EU’s new copyright legislation threatens jobs, smaller creators

YouTube CEO Susan¬†Wojcicki published her quarterly letter to creators today, which included very strong language regarding the EU’s controversial copyright reform directive. Specifically, her l

YouTube rolls its music subscription services into 12 more markets

YouTube has rolled out its music streaming service to a bunch more international markets, adding 12 new countries today, and also launching the premium music video version of the service across the f

YouTube to add Wikipedia background info on conspiracy videos

YouTube is taking action on the proliferation of conspiracy videos found on its platform: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told an SXSW panel Tuesday that the company would be introducing so-called “i

Despite controversy, Logan Paul hasn’t done anything to be kicked off of YouTube

Despite the controversy surrounding YouTube celebrity Logan Paul (thanks to a string of videos exploiting an apparent suicide and tasering a rat), the young media personality hasn’t done anythin

YouTube is expanding Red to more countries

YouTube Red will expand its subscription service to as many as 100 countries, according to YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki . Speaking at Recode’s Code Media conference in Huntington Beach

Meet The CEOs Vying For The Crunchie For Top CEO Of 2015

We're only a couple weeks aways from the 9th Annual Crunchies show when we will honor a select group of the best and brightest startups and leaders in the tech industry. Today, we're looking at som

Watch The Inspiring Movie ‘CODEGIRL’ For Free On YouTube Until November 5th

Alphabet, which backs diversity in all facets of technology, is helping to shed light on a specific project…a film called “CODEGIRL“. It comes via filmmaker Lesley Chilcott, who you

13 People Who Could Be Twitter’s Next CEO

So far we’ve heard the board is looking for someone who can focus solely on Twitter (and not some other *cough Square) company, is a heavy tweeter, and gets the product. There’s also signi

YouTube Confirms Plans For An Ad-Free, Subscription-Based Service

Confirming reports from last fall, YouTube announced today its plans for an ad-free, subscription-based service by way of an email sent out to YouTube Partners. The email details the forthcoming optio

YouTube Adds Netflix Content Chief And Ad Exchange Architect To VP Ranks

YouTube is continuing the spate of recent executive-level hires begun under CEO Susan Wojcicki with two new additions to the top-level team today, according to sources familiar with the matter and con

YouTube’s New Creator Tools Include Donations, Fan-Submitted Subtitles, And A Mobile Creator Studio App

YouTube is by far the largest platform for online video viewership in the world. But frankly, it wouldn't be anything without its creators. That's why in a keynote today at Vidcon, the company announc

Google Confirms Ads & Commerce SVP Susan Wojcicki Is The New YouTube CEO

Google was rumored to have been moving longtime employee and SVP of Ads & Commerce Susan Wojcicki over to the YouTube top spot, based on reports yesterday by The Information and Re/code, and now G

Google Ads SVP Susan Wojcicki Takes Over At YouTube

Senior management at Google is being shifted around, with SVP of Ads & Commerce Susan Wojcicki taking over at YouTube. With that appointment, which was reported by The Information and Re/code, cur

Susan Wojcicki Defends Google's Social DNA

<img src=""> Google Ad chief <a href="">Susan Wojcicki</a> has some advice for Web com