Mixx Still Growing (But Not Fast Enough), Relaunches Website

<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">Mixx</a> is steadily growing, and they're hoping to spur even greater traffic increas

Mozilla Add-Ons Hit One Billion Downloads

<img src="" /> In other Mozilla news, Firefox hit a major milestone today with the <a href="

eBay Won't Take Less Than $75 Million For StumbleUpon

<a href=""><img alt="" /></a>Deutsche Bank is still out there trying to find a buyer for eBay's StumbleUpon business, we've heard from new sources (we <a href="

New StumbleUpon In The Wild; When Do The Rest Of Us Get It?

<img src='' class="border" alt='' /> Israeli blogger <a href="">Tal Siach</a>, one of the autho

StumbleUpon Set For Resurgence With Web Toolbar, Partner Program

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a> Recommendation engine <a href="http://www.stumble

That Was Fun, But Now Ebay's Selling Off StumbleUpon

<a href=""><img alt="" /></a>In May 2007 eBay <a href="">acquired</a> website

Five Million Users And Nearly Five Billion Stumbles Later

Sometime today, StumbleUpon will register its five millionth user. (At the time of this writing, it is at 4,994,826 registered users). That number is kind of meaningless, though, because it counts any

YouPorn, We're Coming Up Behind You

Now that I have your attention, Compete has released a list of the fastest-growing (and fastest-declining) sites of 2007. Some of the fastest growers include Veoh, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Six A

Subvert And Profit Unapologetically Targets YouTube

Subvert And Profit is a service that lets users pay to get their sites on Digg (and more recently StumbleUpon). Unlike Pay Per Post, the company doesn’t waste a lot of time trying to spin their

StumbleUpon Expands Social Search Across the Web

If you are one of the 3.7 million people who have downloaded the StumbleUpon toolbar to your browser, you may have noticed that whenever a Website that’s been “stumbled” comes up in

eBay's StumbleUpon Acquisition: Confirmed at $75 Million

As we expected earlier today, eBay has confirmed an all cash $75 million acquisition of social discovery service StumbleUpon. eBay says StumbleUpon fits will with their “goal of pioneering new c

Look For Confirmation of eBay/StumbleUpon Today

I’m hearing that the eBay/StumbleUpon acquisition will be officially announced sometime today – almost certainly at the end of trading. Keep an eye our for the press release. We originally

eBay Close to Acquiring StumbleUpon

First reported here at TechCrunch on April 18, eBay is now said to be close to finalizing its deal to acquire StumbleUpon for $75 million, according to a new online report from the Wall Street Journal

Random Page Redirect For WordPress Blogs

This morning we wrote about StumbleUpon’s site specific stumbling and Rafe Needleman’s idea of having a button on blogs that pulls up a random article. I pinged WordPress founder Matt Mull

New StumbleUpon Feature: Site Specific Stumbling

The most recent StumbleUpon Toolbar (v. 3.05) includes a new feature called StumbleThru, which allows users to stay on a specific web site while stumbling through pages that they might enjoy. Wikipedi

Google Rains On StumbleUpon Parade: Launches Direct Competitor

On the same day that the news breaks that eBay is acquiring StumbleUpon for $40ish million, Google announces that they are building strikingly similar functionality into their Toolbar. Google (along w

eBay Acquiring StumbleUpon

High-flying startup StumbleUpon has been rumored to be in acquisition discussions since at least last November. Recently we’ve heard that talks have heated up again, with Google, AOL and eBay as

StumbleUpon Video Stumbles Upon Wii

. The service provides an innovative way for users of the system to discover a wide array of video content without using additional hardware. StumbleUpon VP of Marketing, David Feller says: “Bot

StumbleUpon Launches Video Referral Site, StumbleVideo

StumbleUpon’s social browsing application has been such a big hit that the company is launching a separate site for video referral called StumbleVideo. StumbleUpon is a browser toolbar that reco

StumbleUpon (may be) For Sale: $50 million

Two sources have confirmed that the rapidly growing StumbleUpon recently approached at least one large Internet company to be acquired. The asking price was $50 million. The deal doesn’t appear
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