So long, StumbleUpon

All told, 16 years is a pretty good run in the social media world. After launching in 2002, website discovery platform StumbleUpon is shutting down on June 30. Over its existence, the service racked u

Garrett Camp’s latest Expa project, Mix, aims to curate the web

There is surely no shortage of content out there on the web, but for many of us, that can actually be a problem. Twitter is great for real-time information, and Facebook is great for seeing what your

Co-Founder Garrett Camp Buys Back Majority Share In StumbleUpon

Garrett Camp, co-founder of StumbleUpon, says he'll soon be the site's majority stakeholder. Again. The site originally launched in 2001. StumbleUpon was sold to eBay in 2007, but sold back to a group

StumbleUpon’s 5by Relaunches As An App For Chatting About Online Videos With Friends

5by, the video recommendation startup that became StumbleUpon’s first acquisition last fall, is relaunching its mobile apps for iOS and Android today with a slightly different focus: instead of

With Its iOS Update, StumbleUpon Becomes A Mobile Chat App

StumbleUpon, an older web brand still best known for its content discovery service that helps introduce web surfers to new and interesting websites (or maybe for getting bought, then sold again, by eB

StumbleUpon Gets A Redesign In Version 4.0 For Android

StumbleUpon released version 4.0 of StumbleUpon for Android today, bringing a complete user interface overhaul, including navigation changes and a new way for users to find content. The design fits

In Its First Acquisition, StumbleUpon Buys Video Recommendation Startup 5by

Content discovery service StumbleUpon is announcing that it has acquired <a href="">

StumbleUpon’s Cody Simms To Depart, Replaced By New VP Of Product David Marks

Content discovery service <a target="_blank" href="">StumbleUpon</a> is getting a new head of product. Chief Product Officer Cody Simms told me he will be transitioning to

Backed By Skype Co-founder Janus Friis, Futureful Launches On The iPad For Smarter Web Surfing

If you're a fan of content discovery veteran, <a target="_blank" href="">StumbleUpon</a>, or haven't quite been <a href="

Report: StumbleUpon’s Traffic Down 53% Since July

New data from social plugin provider <a target="_blank" href="">Shareaholic</a> released today is showing a continued decline in traffic sent to publishers' websites from

The Forgotten Half Of Social

<b>Editor's note: </b><em>Jack Krawczyk is head of monetization at StumbleUpon, the discovery platform. Jack was a founding member of Google+ and <a target="_blank" href="">t

Following Big Mobile Redesign, StumbleUpon Brings New Pinterest-Like Look To The Web

Veteran content discovery platform <a target="_blank" href="">StumbleUpon</a> has had a rough go of it over the last six months. In order to keep pace with sexy, young newco

StumbleUpon Gets NFC Sharing & More On Android; Rolls Out New UI Across Platforms

At The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, <a href="">StumbleUpon</a>, the veteran content discovery platform, will be announcing "its first major integration with

StumbleUpon Brings Its Tablet Experience To Android, Optimizes UI Across All Its Mobile Apps

Content discovery platform <a href="">StumbleUpon</a>, which just launched a <a href="">much improved iPad app in August</a

The iPad Was Built For Something Like StumbleUpon, Now They Have A Worthy App

Since its inception, <a href="">StumbleUpon</a> has always been one of the most perfect lean-back apps. Long before anyone even used that term, the StumbleUpon toolbar took vario

StumbleUpon's Garrett Camp On What It's Like To Buy Back Your Company

<img src="" />There aren't many startup founders that have done what <a href="

Recommendation Engine StumbleUpon Stumbles Onto $17M From Accel, August Capital And Others

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" />Recommendation engine <a href="">StumbleUpon

The Age Of Relevance

<img src="" />What’s the Next Big Thing after social networking? This has been a favorite topic of much speculation a

StumbleUpon Sent 700M Pageviews To Other Websites In Dec, Is Growing 20% Monthly

<img src="" />Social discovery service StumbleUpon made headlines yesterday when CEO Garrett Camp tweeted out that it had surpass

The Myth Of Serendipity

<img src=""> <em><strong>Editor's note:</strong> Henry “Hank” Nothhaft, Jr. is the co-founder and CMO of </em><a href="http://ww
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