• Instagram Reports 90M Monthly Active Users, 40M Photos Per Day And 8500 Likes Per Second

    Instagram Reports 90M Monthly Active Users, 40M Photos Per Day And 8500 Likes Per Second

    Instagram reported a few usage stats today, marking the first time it has talked about numbers on its own site since the kerfuffle raised over its terms of service change following the Facebook buy-out. The internal stats show strong engagement, and user growth, rather than a decline in active Instagram members. Part of the discrepancy between the these numbers and third-party doom and… Read More

  • Twitter Releases Numbers Related To Hurricane Sandy: More Than 20M Tweets Sent During Its Peak

    Twitter Releases Numbers Related To Hurricane Sandy: More Than 20M Tweets Sent During Its Peak

    As you know, the devastation of Hurricane Sandy has hit millions. Many turned to Twitter to discuss what they were going through. Today, the company shared some interesting facts and numbers having to do with Hurricane-related activity on the site. What does this tell you? Twitter was a fine replacement for cell phones and landlines that weren’t working. The interesting thing about… Read More

  • Statistics prove the obvious: The Internet is for porn

    What is the Internet for? It’s certainly not for education or the betterment of humankind. No… No, the Internet is for porn, and the sooner we admit this to ourselves, the better. New stats show that, yeah, people don’t like Internet porn, they love it! One great stat to get us started: 25 percent of all searches are porn-related. One out of every four times someone goes… Read More

  • Study: Internet radio reaching 32% of households, e-readers are hot

    L.E.K.’s Media Consumption Survey polled over 2,000 consumers, asking them about their general media “diet,” from ereaders to online video. The results? Ereaders are big, older folks are into the Internet, and online radio is finally reaching the mainstream. Most of this isn’t huge news but the statistics are pretty striking. For example: 32% of users listen to an… Read More

  • See what’s hot in the iTunes app store with Medialets

    Looking for the perfect site for tracking the stats of all the apps in your Fantasy iPhone League? Do such leagues even exist?? Who knows?! At any rate, a site called has up to date stats on which free and for-pay iTunes apps are being downloaded with reckless abandon. You’ll see by the above image that “Super Monkey Ball” is WHITE HOT in the for-pay category. Read More

  • New study shows that many pirates would buy movies if they couldn't pirate

    An interesting study (PDF) carried out by an organization called Futuresource Consulting (and sponsored by Macrovision, for you tin foil hat types) just showed up in our inbox claiming that consumers love to pirate stuff, sorta. The study looked at folks in the United States and United Kingdom, and found that one-third of respondents admitted to the horrible crime of copying a DVD in the last… Read More

  • PDAs of our past, it's been real

    Remember PDAs? Those nifty little handheld tablets that let you track appointments and set to-do lists? Yah, we do too, and they seem like an artifact from yesterrday. With the rise of the smartphone, the PDA has become redundant, all of the features you’d want in a PDA are included in the generic smartphone, as well as instant email and Web browsing. The third quarter of this year saw… Read More

  • CEA: 1/3 of US Households to be HD by Next Year

    So now that we’re almost exactly half-way through 2007, it’s time to start looking at the holiday shopping season. While iPhones and new Zunes and stuff will get most of the attention, the Consumer Electronics Association has pointed out that it expects 16 million HDTVs will be sold this year, putting the percentage of households with HDTVs at 36% by the beginning of next year. Read More

  • iPhone Research: Who Exactly Will Wait In Line For One?

    Professional researchers (that is, not fake ones like us) put together a little survey to see just who would be willing to wait in line for an iPhone come June 29. Not surprisingly, you’ll see a whole lot more guys in line than girls, with 72 percent of men saying they’d wait in line, compared to only 28 percent of women. You’re also more likely to find young guns there than… Read More

  • Predicting Death Of Basic Cable?, a popular(?) video-sharing site, shot out a press release today with an interesting statistic about the growing number of people viewing streaming video that I took extreme liberties with when I wrote the headline. According to the National Cable… Read More