Study: Internet radio reaching 32% of households, e-readers are hot

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L.E.K.’s Media Consumption Survey polled over 2,000 consumers, asking them about their general media “diet,” from ereaders to online video. The results? Ereaders are big, older folks are into the Internet, and online radio is finally reaching the mainstream.

Most of this isn’t huge news but the statistics are pretty striking. For example:

  • 32% of users listen to an average of 5.8 hours of Internet radio a week, a huge jump.
  • iPod owners consume 8.9 hours of media per week while e-reader owners consume 18.2 hours of new media per week. That means e-readers have a captive audience.
  • Folks aged 50-64 use 8.3 hours of Internet per week compared to 24-39 year olds who use it for 6.8 hours.
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In related news, kids are huge multitasks with at least 30 percent reporting they watch TV and listen to music while online. The study also concluded that TV is the media of choice for most folks while box office numbers are highly fragile and there is a chance that theatre and box office sales could tank in the next few years.

Obviously 2,000 respondents is a fairly low sample size but even given issues of self selection and potential skewing towards the an middle class audience it seems they got some fairly decent data on browsing and media consumption habits. Now excuse me but I have 3.6 more hours to surf the Internet to meet my age quota.