• Twitter Sees 6% Increase In “Like” Activity After First Week Of Hearts

    Twitter Sees 6% Increase In “Like” Activity After First Week Of Hearts

    Speaking at the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco today, Twitter’s SVP of Product, Kevin Weil, shared with the crowd that the new hearts aren’t stopping activity. In fact, the activity is increased: "With the change from favorites to likes we've seen a 6% increase in like activity in just the first week." –@kevinweil — Robi Ganguly (@rganguly) November… Read More

  • Gmail’s New Compose View Now Gives You The Ability To Add Labels And Stars

    Gmail’s New Compose View Now Gives You The Ability To Add Labels And Stars

    If you haven’t jumped ship on using Gmail’s desktop app, you might be happy to know that its recently released compose view has gotten a few new handy features. Today, the team announced that you can now add labels and stars while you’re composing a message, rather than waiting until you actually send it. This isn’t really all that earth-shattering, but it’s… Read More

  • Stars Versus Great Teams

    Stars Versus Great Teams

    It is a truism in Silicon Valley that star employees are worth ten to one hundred times as much as ordinary employees. This calculus is especially true for software engineers, but also applies to product managers, sales executives, and other key employees. If you are a star performer, the sky’s the limit in terms of what technology companies will be willing to attract or keep… Read More

  • DIY Collapsable Ninja Star Is Great For Collapsable Ninjas

    It’s hard out there for a ninja these days. It’s difficult to find commissions and getting the right gear and training is becoming increasingly expensive. Where do you buy your katana? Your tabi shoes? And, most important, your collapsable shuriken? Well, you’re in luck. A young man named Zach wanted to make a collapsable ninja star for his 7 year old brother. With a… Read More

  • Looking For The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift? Don't Buy Your Loved One A Star!

    We’re knee-deep in Valentine’s Day festivities here at CG, so I thought I’d take a moment to help you figure out what not to buy your significant other. One thing you don’t want to get them? A star, or any other sort of celestial property. I have just as much right to sell you the Great Wall of China as a company has to sell you a star or an asteroid. Don’t be fooled! Read More

  • Hyper Telescope: Bandai's new "science toy" for kids

    Major toymaker Bandai yesterday announced the Hyper Telescope [JP], which is being marketed as a “science toy” for kids. It’s the ideal gadget if you want your kid to become an astronomer, as it allows users to observe the sky and view relevant information on connected displays or within the device itself. All that needs to be done is to specify one’s location on earth… Read More

  • You're not actually buying a star with the International Star Registry, you know

    We’ve started to receive a few e-mails from the International Star Registry saying the usual “name a star after you’re loved one for the holidays.” I just wanted to remind you that while naming a star after your honey bunny is cute and all, and may well make for a romantic gesture, you really ought to know that doing so is, in the eyes of the scientific community… Read More

  • Microsoft's 'Worldwide Telescope' now available

    Joining Google Sky and Stellarium is Microsoft’s entrant to the stars, Worldwide Telescope. I’ve been dinking around with it for about a half hour and it’s pretty cool. Check it out (Windows only) if you’re an outer space dork — it includes a bunch of guided tours from astronomers. I liked the “many worlds” tour, which started with some west coast… Read More

  • Firefox logo spotted 20,000 light years away

    Behold! The Firefox logo as seen in variable star V838 Monocerotis of the constellation Monoceros. I had Monocerotis one summer and it was NOT fun. I still get residual rashes from time to time and I can feel it in my joints when it’s about to rain. via Read More