HP trying to fix Windows XP SP3 reboot problem

Flickr’d HP is hard at work trying to fix that pesky reboot problem brought about by Windows XP SP3. It already has a step-by-step troubleshooter on its Web site, and it’s working on a pat

Blame game: Microsoft and AMD say the XP SP3 rebooting issue is everyone's fault but their own

All the craziness going on with XP’s SP3 and AMD processors is complex, but Microsoft wants you to know it’s not their fault, it’s HP’s fault, among others. It turns out that t

Windows XP's SP3 causing more problems with some AMD-based computers

This is getting silly on Microsoft’s part. Those SP3 updates we’ve been talking about for Windows XP might do some more harm than good. Some users have reported that the update causes thei

Parallels nows supports Vista SP1, XP SP3

Parallels, the virtualization software that lets you run Windows apps on an Intel Mac, now supports Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3. The latest version, which was released earlier today, costs $8

Uh-ohs! SP3 crippling HP AMD machines

Looks like there is a limited problem with SP3 causing endless reboots among HP computers with AMD processors (also possible: mobo issue). They’re working on it as we speak, and the root of the

Problems with XP SP3 and your AMD-based computer?

A fellow Minnesotan named Jesper Johansson (I think that name MIGHT by Scandinavian) has a great article about how to fix a problem that seems to be plaguing AMD-based computers after upgrading to Win

SP3 "checked build" available in ISO form, hope you like 500 meg downloads!

The Windows Update version is supposed to be about 70mb, but is anyone really in that much of a hurry? This is the slow-cooked chef’s special version as opposed to the pan-sear for the consumers

XP SP3 now available

You’ll soon be able to join the ranks of happy XP owners and download SP3 online. If you don’t want to wait for the updater to pick it up you can apparently download it here as well. It mi