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Miami won’t be the next Silicon Valley because we don’t need another one

Miami is reflective of the future of global startup hubs. It won’t be the next Silicon Valley, because we don’t need another one.

5:40 am PST • February 3, 2021
Miami won’t be the next Silicon Valley because we don’t need another one

SpaceX has once again flown its Starship spacecraft, a still-in-development space launch vehicle it’s building in south Florida. This test was a flight of SN9, the ninth in its current…

SpaceX’s Starship prototype once again flies to great heights, and again explodes on landing

Seattle-based space rideshare service provider Spaceflight Inc. revealed its next-generation orbital transfer vehicle today, the Sherpa-FX. The new spacecraft acts as a deployment spacecraft for combined payloads on rideshare rocket…

Spaceflight Inc. debuts new orbital transfer vehicle for satellite rideshare rocket launches

Drones are being deployed in the fight to curb COVID-19 in the U.S. Novant Health and California-based UAV delivery startup Zipline have launched distribution of personal protective gear and medical…

Zipline begins US medical delivery with drone program honed in Africa

Baseball legend Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, who is now up for nomination for the 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame, is joining a venture capital fund. Pudge is joining z9 Capital, a $25M…

MLB All-Star Ivan Rodriguez is joining a VC fund