Aussie App Omny Is Heading To The U.S. To Be An All-Purpose, Personalized Radio

After delivering audio versions of blog articles to the busy masses through SoundGecko, Australian startup 121cast is back with a new service that creates personalized radio stations for users. It's c

121cast Raises $250K To Accelerate Development Of SoundGecko, A Personalized Audio Book For The Internet

If someone told you that you could get all your favorite blogs (in fact, your entire RSS feed) read to you while you go through your day, what would you say? "Sign me up?" "Black magic?"

SoundGecko Now Turns Your Favorite RSS Feed Into An MP3 Podcast

<a target="_blank" href="">SoundGecko</a> is a Startup Alley contestant with a mission: to turn your favorite blogs into MP3 files for later listening. The founders, Ed Hooper, An