SoundGecko Now Turns Your Favorite RSS Feed Into An MP3 Podcast

SoundGecko is a Startup Alley contestant with a mission: to turn your favorite blogs into MP3 files for later listening. The founders, Ed Hooper, Andrew Armstrong, and Long Zheng, initially founded 121cast, an audio blogging platform, and this product is their first productized version.

The site has 24,000 users currently and are hitting about 2,000 listens per day.

“Our service works for any type of text content online and even RSS feeds,” said Hooper. “We have a highly scalable platform that sends voice articles back usually in under a minute.”

“We are working towards a personalized audio feed that will deliver a rich range of content including but not limited to news, calendar, weather, traffic, social network updates, and music.”

At Disrupt SoundGecko launched RSS support, which allows users to subscribe to blogs (like TechCrunch) and listen to new posts automatically. It currently works with iOS, but expect it on Android and Windows Phone shortly.

Because they are Australian, it should be noted that they’re giving away an inflatable kangaroo. Sadly the prize can only be collected in San Francisco, which is a real bummer if you’re totally into inflatable kangaroos.

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