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Sony PlayStation 3 Sales Hit 70 Million Worldwide After ~Six Years, Move Controller Clocks Up 15 Million In ~Two Years

Latest missive from the games console wars: Sony has announced cumulative sales of its PlayStation 3 reached 70 million units on November 4, a few days short of the machine's sixth birthday. Microsoft

Sony Losing the Game

The Los Angeles Times is comparing Sony’s game division to the New York Yankees. “Both have high-paid talent and great offenses but are straining to win this year,” says today’s article by LA

CrunchArcade: Movie Tie-Ins

In case you weren’t paying attention summer has officially arrived. OK, maybe the kids are still in school, the weather isn’t quite that warm yet and it is still two and a half weeks until Memoria

Patent Monkey: Sony GripMote in the works before the Wiimote?

on a Hand-Held Computer Interactive Device which details the controller.

Skinny PS3 In 2008…More Like 2009, Bummer

The PS3 is a bit husky and everyone knows it, especially Sony. The next-gen gaming console has yet to be launched in Europe and Australia, but Sony is already hard at work on the next generation of th

$2500 PS3 Coming?

Jumping jeepers, I thought Sony took Kutaragi off direct management of the PS3 because of stuff like this? As it turns out, Kutaragi is “promising” an “AV-centric” PlayStation

More Scaling Problems With PS3

[youtube] While Sony sorted out its problems manufacturing enough PlayStation 3s to keep up with demand, it seems like it still hasn’t decided to clean

PlayStation 3 Consoles On The Way

While initial day-one launch shipment goals weren’t achievable due to early manufacturing issues, those problems have been resolved and we do remain focused on having one million PS3s in the pip

Sony Only Gets Out 197,000 PS3s

There’s no way that Sony will make its forecast for 1 million units in the U.S. this calendar year – NDP Group Before the PlayStation 3 was released on Nov. 17, Sony had promised the publi

Sony Does Well, Sorta

When I first purchased a Sony PSP, all I wanted to do was play classic PSOne games on it. Needless to say, I’ve been fairly disappointed since games like Final Fantasy VII and Xenogears never go

Sony Has Faith In PlayStation 3

We were worried Sony might be a little thrown back with all the bad press the PlayStation 3 is receiving. I mean, changing the console’s management staff two weeks after the console was released

Holiday Buyers Guide 2006: Console Gaming

Don’t you miss the old days when all you had to do was walk into an electronics store, find that one good game and go home happy? With so many consoles on the market, and even more games to choose f

PlayStation Update + SIXAXIS Problems

Sony PlayStation 3 users are reporting their SIXAXIS controllers are no longer detected by their PS3s. To get the controller to be recognized again by the console, users have to repeatedly plug in the

Get A PlayStation 3 On Black Friday

The PlayStation 3 has been getting pummeled this week. Personally, I really don’t feel it’s that bad of a console. When Xbox 360 first launched, it really only had one good game: Perfect D

Sony To Replace Dead SIXAXIS (If They Ever Die)

Yesterday, it was revealed that the battery found inside the PS3 controller will not be replaceable. It is rechargable, but once the battery really runs out, you’ll have to pony up $49.99 for an

Sony Says: You'll Get Composite And Like It

If you had plans to pick up a PS3, run home and connect it to your HDTV for some high-def Blue-ray and/or gaming good times, make sure you pick up an HDMI or component cable before you leave the store