Sony Losing the Game

The Los Angeles Times is comparing Sony’s game division to the New York Yankees. “Both have high-paid talent and great offenses but are straining to win this year,” says today’s article by LA Times staff writers Alex Pham and Bruce Wallace. Analysts claim that while Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 were designed for immediate market impact, Sony’s PlayStation 3 is ahead of the market and as a result won’t see sales take off until 2008.

Of course by then it could be too late for the PlayStation brand. With titles including the next Grand Theft Auto arriving on the Xbox 360 this could hurt Sony, which counted on those exclusives to help increase demand for the PlayStation 2. And that’s not the worst of it for Sony says the LA Times story, which says that “Kyoshi Shin of the International Game Developers Assn. in Japan said many creators there were shifting their focus to the Wii.”

In consoles, the game isn’t going Sony’s way
[LA Times]