More Scaling Problems With PS3

While Sony sorted out its problems manufacturing enough PlayStation 3s to keep up with demand, it seems like it still hasn’t decided to clean things up for the early adopters of the PS3. It turns out PS2 and PSOne games aren’t scaled down correctly by the PS3, leaving artifacts and jagged edges in games that previously had clean graphics. The best example in the video is the footage of Final Fantasy X, which shows the PS3 and PS2 consoles playing both games at the same time.

I understand that Sony’s main concern is getting the console out on the market, but it has been almost a month now for users who bought the console on launch day, and it isn’t fair to those people who paid an absurd amount of money or waited out in the rain to have a buggy PS3. Maybe the rumors are true, and the PS3 is going the way of the Atari Jaguar. C’mon SCEA, get on the ball here! I’m still trying to play Resistance without losing control of my character during gameplay!

PS3 Video