• Apple Has No Sense Of Humor. Luckily, Google Does.

    Last month, Apple rejected the Someecards iPhone app because it contained satirical comedy about public figures. After attempting to make their case and getting stonewalled, Someecards eventually gave into Apple and removed the offending cards which made fun of Hitler and Roman Polanski, among others. Apple swiftly approved the app and all was well. Well, not exactly. Apparently, Apple… Read More

  • Someecards Gives In To Apple So That It Can Take On Asian Boobs

    Perhaps you’ve been following the drama surrounding the Someecards iPhone app the past several weeks. If not, basically, Apple rejected the app on the grounds that it was making fun of public figures, like Roman Polanski and Hitler. Satire, it seems, it not okay in the App Store. And that’s fine except that potentially more offensive material like Asian T&A and upskirt apps… Read More

  • Someecards Launches Invites For Parties I Would Actually Want To Go To

    Every so often I think to myself, “what ever happened to Evite?” Then I get an email invitation and realize that it’s still alive. While some of the early adopters and tech elitists may have switched to services like MyPunchbowl, Socializr, Pingg, Cocodot, and even MySpace and Facebook, Evite lives on in the minds of many of those outside of the tech sphere. And that’s… Read More

  • Apple Rejects Someecards App For Being Full Of Someecards Content

    Someecards is so damn funny. Too funny, apparently for Apple. In a move that is only surprising because Apple has been getting better about ridiculous app rejections, Apple has rejected Someecards iPhone app on the grounds that it “contains objectionable content and content that ridicules public figures.” Anyone who has ever visited Someecards will know that this is standard… Read More

  • Say Hello To The First Someecards Video Cards. Ads That Are Hilarious.

    As we wrote about a couple weeks ago, Someecards, makers of hilarious online greeting cards, are delving into doing video cards. The first batch are now online. And yes, they’re quite good. The cards feature the same solid color backgrounds that are distinct on Someecards, but rather than black and white drawings, they have actors acting out short video skits. The first ones feature… Read More

  • Someecards Have Ads I Actually Pay Attention To. And They're About To Do Video.

    Most online advertising is lame. Yes, the idea of a click-through ad is great, but let’s be honest, a lot of time that involves tricking people into clicking on your ad. Whatever happened to building brand awareness through compelling advertising? I think someecards is pretty damn good at that — and they’re going to get better. You probably know someecards as the startup… Read More

  • Imagine A Writer For The Onion Doing Greeting Cards. Now Read Below.

    Warning: some people may find some of the content in this post offensive. If you are a fan of The Onion and can never seem to find just the right ecard to send to friends and family, you’re going to love Someecards. The company is announcing a seed round financing today – more details below. The company was founded by former Onion writer Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell, and… Read More