Someecards Gives In To Apple So That It Can Take On Asian Boobs

IMG_0651Perhaps you’ve been following the drama surrounding the Someecards iPhone app the past several weeks. If not, basically, Apple rejected the app on the grounds that it was making fun of public figures, like Roman Polanski and Hitler. Satire, it seems, it not okay in the App Store. And that’s fine except that potentially more offensive material like Asian T&A and upskirt apps, are apparently fine.

So Someecards decided to give in to Apple and remove any offending content. As such, their app was quickly approved (do what master says and get a cookie). But they’re not giving up the good fight. The guys behind Someecards realize the hypocrisy in Apple’s ways just as much as anyone. But they’ve decided to get their app out there the only way they can and move their fight over to Twitter.

The company is currently using its massive Twitter following (over 1.4 million followers) to publicly declare war on the Asian Boobs app that is currently, with Apple’s blessing, a top selling app.

Some of the tweets:

We’re #40 in entertainment apps today while “Asian Boobs” is #12! This is war. Help us beat those boobs!

By the way, “Asian Boobs” costs TWICE as much as our app (for obvious reasons).

We have Asian Boobs shaking! They’re still at #12 and our app moved up to #27! Let’s keep pushing those boobs around!

Oh yeah, and that app itself is solid. For $0.99 you get access to Someecards content with the easy ability to email any card to a friend while on the go. If you like the site, you’ll like this. Sadly, there’s a distinct lack of Hitler.

Find the app here.


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