• Snapstick Could Launch By Q2 With Help From D-Link

    You might have seen this Snapstick thing about a month ago, where you can watch videos on your TV after finding them on your phone. Well, they’re only in private beta at the moment, but they’re now in talks with D-Link to perhaps put out an actual device as soon as Q2 of this year. That’s a fast track, all right. Read More

  • Snapstick Brings The Entire Web To Your TV With A Snap Of The Wrist. Get it?

    Viewing Internet content on HDTV is a painfully tricky affair these days but Snapstick thinks they can succeed where others have crashed and burned. Forget Google TV, Boxee Box and Apple TV for a moment. Snapstick’s whole philosophy seems different and that’s where it might have a chance. Rather than relying on a box connected to the TV (Note: there’s still a box connected to… Read More