Samsung’s new smart home features include household maps with ‘AI characters’

Samsung wants to make the smart home smarter — if your home’s a Samsung home, that is. During its CES 2024 keynote in Las Vegas tonight, the company announced a range of additions to &#821

Samsung’s new wireless charger has a smart home hub built-in

Or maybe it’s a smart home hub with wireless charging built in. Either way, this is the SmartThings Station, which debuted on stage at CES this afternoon. The hub is a bit of an unsung lynchpin in t

Samsung unveils its newest Tile competitor, the Galaxy SmartTag

Alongside its other CES announcements, at Samsung’s Unpacked event today the company introduced its new Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth locator, a lost item beacon for Samsung owners and a competitor

Samsung releases a trio of smart home products

Samsung’s approach to the smart home has been — “uneven” seems like a nice way of putting it. None of this has really been helped along by the fact that Bixby and the company’s long-

Samsung spilled SmartThings app source code and secret keys

A development lab used by Samsung engineers was leaking highly sensitive source code, credentials and secret keys for several internal projects — including its SmartThings platform, a security resea

Samsung launches an LTE-enabled Tile competitor

Samsung, naturally, would never be content to launch a regular old Tile competitor. The company just doesn’t roll like that. While the basic foundation of the SmartThings Tracker is similar to w

Robinhood hires Josh Elman as VP of product, who’ll stay at Greylock

Zero-fee stock trading app Robinhood is getting some product firepower as it dives into cryptocurrency and weighs platform aspirations. Investor Josh Elman will join Robinhood as its VP of product whi

Bixby 2.0 takes center stage at Samsung’s Developer Conference

No surprise, Samsung is making the connected home a big focus of its annual Developer Conference this week in San Francisco. DJ Koh, the company’s head of Mobile Communications took to the stage at

SmartThings And Samsung Team Up To Make Your TV A Smart Home Hub

Samsung and SmartThings are buddying up to introduce Samsung’s latest line of Smart TVs, complete with SmartThings platform integration so folks can use their TVs as an interface to control the

9 Gifts For The Smartest Smart Home

Choose from 16 million shades of color, make grandpa feel more secure by showing him who’s at the door when he’s not even there and get the house turnt with a rendition of Alvin and the C

SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit Launches In Amazon, Best Buy And Sears

New home automation system SmartThings home monitoring kit is now available from Amazon, Best Buy and Sears. The home monitoring kit’s hub and sensors were previously available to purchase indi

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Samsung, Samsung And SmartThings

Happy Friday, dear readers. Before you skip off for a long weekend, I come bearing a gift: the weekly TC Gadgets Podcast (or, as we’re calling it now, the Podcraft. This week we discuss the new

Samsung Outs A Sleep Tracker That Can Switch Off Your TV

Samsung has announced a sleep tracker called SleepSense that can also plug into other connected devices you might have around your smart home -- such as a smart TV or web-enabled air-con -- to switch

SmartThings Unveils A New Smart Home Hub

SmartThings's smart home devices are getting a lot sleeker — and a lot more powerful — as of today. The company today is releasing a new line of updated home sensors and a new, more powerful hu

SmartThings Support Is Coming To Amazon Echo

It would appear that Amazon has plans to team up with SmartThings to power various home automation features with the Amazon Echo, the voice-powered personal assistant device. According to a Google web

Samsung Launches ARTIK, Its New Platform For Connected Devices

Samsung Electronics has launched a new open platform that it says will make developing smart devices faster and easier. ARTIK includes three circuit boards, software support, developer tools, and embe

A Q&A With SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson After Selling To Samsung For $200M

As you might have heard, Samsung loosened up the purse strings yesterday with a ~$200 million acquisition of SmartThings, a platform that sells starter kits for entirely personalized smart home custom

Samsung In Talks To Scoop Up SmartThings For Around $200 Million

Google has Nest, Apple has HomeKit and Samsung has…SmartThings, we’re hearing. The deal was completed for around $200 million dollars, though it might have been less according to one sour

Watch How SmartThings Can Help Jumpstart Your Day

It's CES 2014, and once again, <a target="_blank" href="">SmartThings</a> has taken over an entire house in Las Vegas to showcase all the cool things you can do with its home

SmartThings Rolls Out A New iPhone App To Simplify Adding Your Home To The Internet Of Things

If you haven't yet connected all the rooms and lights and doors in your house to the Internet of Things, <a target="_blank" href="">SmartThings</a> wants to make it easier for y
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