Slacker shipping today

Was anyone really surprised that Slacker delayed shipment of their player multiple times? Come on! With a name like Slacker it was inevitable. Anyway, pre-orders began shipping today. In case you want

Slacker Portable finally shipping tomorrow?

Lovers of Slacker Radio, prepare to shower me with petals of rare flowers, delicious food, and promises of sexual favors, for I bring news that the Slacker Portable, which has been delayed more times

Slacker Player: It's here at CES, lighter than I thought So I groped the Slacker Portable last night. I’ve been hard on Slacker about how delayed its portable player h

MeeMix Opens Beta To Public, Has Much Work Ahead

Tel Aviv, Israel based MeeMix, which we first covered in August, is kicking-off the New Year by moving their taste-predicting Internet radio service from closed to open Beta. Internet radio is already

Slacker Portable delayed, delayed again

Aaaaaaand, I’m done. That’s enough for me, thank you. I give up. First it was the end of summer, then it was mid-December, now it’s the end of January when the Slacker Portable is su

MyStrands Completes B Round, $55 Million Raised To Date

Social music recommendation service MyStrands has completed the second half of their B round, raising an additional $24 million from Spanish Bank BBVA on top of the $25 million we reported earlier. BB

Slacker Portable: Better late than never?

Well it’s here (almost). Although promised by the end of the summer, the Slacker Portable is now available for pre-order and should ship in mid-December. You shouldn’t think of it as an MP

Slacker To Offer One Click Free Portable Music

CrunchGear is reporting that users of the yet to be released Slacker MP3 player will be able to transfer their ‘personalized stations’ to the player with a single click and refresh them via Wi-Fi

The AudioFile: Can Apple Afford to Slacker?

Radio gives you two important things: It keeps you from getting in a musical rut, and you don’t have to make any decisions about what to listen to next. Now that customizable Internet radio services

Slacker Gets $40 Million for Growth

When Slacker initially launched their three prong web, desktop, and portable music service, we felt they needed a lot of cash in the bank to take on incumbents like and iTunes. It looks like t

Slacker Now On Your Desktop

One of the more ambitious entrants on the social music scene, Slacker, has released the second piece of their three-part music personalization suite, a desktop music player. Slacker’s player sha

The Nitty Gritty On the Slacker Music Service

Wired recently sat down with Broadband Instruments to talk about its new Slacker music service. In a nutshell, it sounds like a music-lover’s dream. Slacker is comprised of both a service and ha

New Music Service Slacker Has (very) Broad Ambitions

The founding team of new music service Slacker, which launched this morning, includes three former music startup CEOs (Dennis Mudd, Musicmatch, acquired by Yahoo), Jim Cady (Rio) and Jonathan Sasse (i