Weekend Giveaway: Slacker Radio Plus subscription and a pony

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While I don’t want to suggest that you people are lazy (you are), I do want to offer you slackers two one year subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus and three three-month subscriptions. With these subscriptions you get:

Slacker Radio Plus:
*Unlimited Skips
*Unlimited Song Requests
*No Audio or Banner Ads
*Complete Lyrics
*Station caching on BlackBerry, Android and coming soon to iPhone
*Over 2 Million Songs
*A Pony (Prize is not available)

Sounds great, right? (Note the fine print about the pony. You don’t really get a pony.)

To win, tell us what song or band you would name your pony after and why. I’ll pick two first prize winners and three second prize winners on Monday.

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