• iPhone app helps you set up your home theater

    Are you totally one of those home theater geeks? Do you have $29.99 to burn? Then get yourself to the appery and buy the SIM2Calc app. The app allows you to tune your high-end projector for ultimate picture quality. This also assumes that your projector is one of the expensive ones from SIM2. Read More

  • SIM2 announces a sub-$5K 1080p projector for the US

    SIM2 makes some mighty fine projectors and the only deterrent the Italian company may have from grabbing a huge market share is the price of said projectors. But today SIM2 announced the Domino D60 DLP front projection system that outputs 1080p video for $4,995. With a contrast ratio greater than 10,000:1, a plethora of inputs/outputs (dual HDMI, component, RGB-HD), as well as a powered… Read More

  • DLP powered Sim2 C3X 1080p projector now shipping

    Looking for an ultra high-end 1080p home cinema projector that you won’t want to hide in a cabinet? Well, Sim2 seems to own this category and the latest edition is now shipping and it looks great. I had the opportunity to check them out and see David Lynch in full HD from his home in California (I think). He loves the Sim2 and picked them out of a handful of other high-end projectors. Read More