DLP powered Sim2 C3X 1080p projector now shipping


Looking for an ultra high-end 1080p home cinema projector that you won’t want to hide in a cabinet? Well, Sim2 seems to own this category and the latest edition is now shipping and it looks great. I had the opportunity to check them out and see David Lynch in full HD from his home in California (I think). He loves the Sim2 and picked them out of a handful of other high-end projectors. The C3X 1080 is the smallest and most powerful full HD 3 chip projector available today. It certainly owes a lot to TI’s DLP DarkChip 4 that enables it to output such great video.

The C3X 1080 might be on the hefty side at 22 pounds, but it looks gorgeous thanks to Giorgio Revoldini. The projector is built around three 0.95-inch, 1080p DLP chipsets with the DarkChip 4 being the main attraction. It basically makes the black, blacker and everything brighter.


The C3X 1080 features two HDMI inputs that are HDCP-compliant as well as S- and composite-video and RGB connections. There’s also a USB and RS-232 serial port. And an optical digital-audio output on top of IR sensors.

It comes in high-gloss Gunmetal, Black , Red and Gold. It’s $31,995, but the picture quality is incredible.