Matternet’s autonomous delivery drones can now refuel and reload by themselves

Matternet, a startup building autonomous drones for delivery, has been working to commercialize its tech via transportation of blood and pathology samples to labs. Taking traffic out of the equation

Shaving for the Red Hook Initiative

We’re here in Red Hook, Brooklyn for TechCrunch Disrupt NY and Jon Shieber’s beard is getting out of control. It’s getting shaved for the Red Hook Initiative. Use this GoFundMe page

Face-On With Philips Norelco’s New Self-Cleaning Electric Razor

I enjoy shaving, but until this point I used a razor that I thought gave me a decent shave. Wary about electric razors, I tried Philips Norelco's 9700 last night and it gave me the closest shave I've

The Bonsai Is A Shaving Accessory That Hopes To Be One Designer’s Contribution To Water Conservation

The Bonsai is gadget with a soul, one that hopes to make a global difference by changing the way we go about an activity many do on a daily basis. It's a shaving accessory, and it's being funded via I

Shavenu Delivers Razor Blades to Your Doorstep Every Month

European newcomer <a target="_blank" href="">Shavenu</a> is now offering shaving blade subscriptions to scruffy Brits, Canadians, and Deutschlanders using the mo

Wahl electric razor packs lithium ion battery

<img src="" alt="Wahl" />Wahl claims to be the first to the lithium ion party when it comes to electric shavers and on behalf of people who sha

Face Gadgets: Rolling Razor = blades on a ring

I don’t find shaving to be a good use of my time. As such, I use a trimmer every week or so to just clip the little guys down to a manageable, non-itchy length. It’s one of the sad perks o

ShaveWorld: Like a razor of the month club, without the club part is a subscription razor service that lets you order a year of shaver razors in advance, ensuring, presumably, you’ll never run out. They sell Gillette products right now and you c

CG Holidays 2007 Recommendation: ACE Grooming Gear

Dual action for your pleasure. For those old enough to even know the brand ACE, well, they’re back. For the rest of you, listen up. This ageless plastic comb company has now come out with a line