Face Gadgets: Rolling Razor = blades on a ring

I don’t find shaving to be a good use of my time. As such, I use a trimmer every week or so to just clip the little guys down to a manageable, non-itchy length. It’s one of the sad perks of never interacting with real human beings day after day.

Anyhoo, this Rolling Razor thing looks a bit intriguing as it’s basically reminiscent of a secret decoder ring with two blades on either side. Oh, "triple convex cartridges," excuse me. You mount the apparatus on your finger like a ring and then go to town. Words don’t do it justice, so check out the above video and watch how quickly this guy lops off all of his manly hairs. I’ll stick with the trimmer since I like to leave a little scruff, but those of you with real jobs and whatnot might find this interesting.

The razors cost about $15 and only come with a set of "long-lasting blades" — you get two blades, though — and replacement blades cost $8. You have to use the company’s blades, too, so keep ’em stocked unless you want to look like me for a few days.

[Rolling Razor via ShavingStuff.com]