Semil Shah

  • The Illusion Of Social Networks

    The world is full of illusions. Magicians use a cascade of mirrors, smoke, and misdirection to trick their audiences into believing the unbelievable. In the process, they mystify them, capturing their attention. None of these magicians, however, hold a candle to the illusions provided by the characters who dance on television channels. For decades, the masses have been planted in front of… Read More

  • Higher Education’s Toughest Test

    In the debate sparked by Peter Thiel’s “20 Under 20 Fellowship” (which pays bright students to drop out of college), one fact stands out: the cost of U.S. post-secondary education is spiraling upward, out of control. Thiel calls this a “bubble,” similar to the sub-prime mortgage crisis, where hopeful property owners over-leveraged themselves to lay claim to a… Read More

  • Iterations: The Seed Stage Dandelion Effect

    Two phrases heard often from entrepreneurs are: (1) “I’m looking for a technical co-founder” and (2) “We’re hiring engineers, developers, and designers.” Unless they have networks to pull from, recruit 100% of the time, or are just plain lucky, their odds of finding the right people are not pretty. For those hunting for technical co-founders, their venture… Read More

  • Need More Proof Quora Is "Blowing Up"? Meet The Quora Button

    While co-founders Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever are famously quiet about Quora’s user and traffic numbers, entrepreneur Semil Shah has discovered something even more indicative of the site’s entrance into A-List status — A Quora button right along side that off Facebook and Twitter on startup BankSimple‘s website. A sign of an impending Twitter moment? Read More