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Craig Wright backs out and won’t prove that he is bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto

<a target="_blank" href="">Satoshi Nakamoto</a>, 2016 edition, might not be Craig Wright after all. Just <a href="

Craig Wright will publish “extraordinary proof” that he is Satoshi

Another day, another confirmation that the shadowy figure called Satoshi Nakamoto is indeed Craig "Verbal" Wright. This time Wright himself claims that he will offer "extraordinary proof" that he is S

Torturing the ghost

So we probably have our Satoshi. The Economist, GQ, and the BBC have all posted semi-breathless stories on their personal interactions with Craig Steven Wright, an Australian computer scientist and in

Satoshi Gulch

Satoshi Nakamoto doesn't exist. He is not one person. He is not even controlled by a single entity. And although I would argue much of his writings were produced by one person and edited by committee,

Money And Politics: Bitcoin’s Governance Crisis

A lot of intriguing and conflicting things have been said about Bitcoin in the past few years. Some see it as the salvation of the financial system, others as a new toy, appealing only to the technolo

An Interview With Nathaniel Popper, Author Of Digital Gold

If you’ve been reading the site lately you’ll notice we’ve gone Digital Gold-crazy. First we started with an amazing excerpt outlining the story of Then we posted a review an

“Real” Satoshi Claims He Is Not Dorian Nakamoto

Dorian S. Nakamoto is probably having the weirdest day of his life. In less than 24 hours, the Temple City, California resident has been the subject of a Newsweek cover article "outing" him as the elu

Is This The Real Satoshi Nakamoto?

It should come as no surprise that <a target="_blank" href="">Newsweek</a> suspects Satoshi Nakamoto, the reclusive creator of <a href="