New Sanyo PD2 Pocketcam Brings 1080p And 3x Zoom For $170

The pocketcam wars are hotting up. If you’re a consumer that doesn’t particularly care about image quality or lots of options, you have a ton of great choices. Sanyo makes a great compact camcorder (I use their pistol grip CG10 for tons of stuff), and they’ve just released a pocketcam that looks pretty solid.

The VPC-PD2 (or just PD2) shoots up to 1080p at 30FPS, and takes 10-megapixel photos as well. It’s also got a 3x optical zoom, and those little ears on it mean some seriously decent stereo sound. It’s got a 3″ LCD with… not very high resoultion. 150,000 dots means less than 320×240. Boo.

It has a built-in USB thing, which you can use to get your media off it and recharge its little battery. It records to SD cards (including SDXC) and has a mini-HDMI out for putting the signal right on your TV.

Of course there isn’t much we can say before we get our hands on it, but Sanyo has a good track record so I’m going to give this one a preemptive thumbs up.