Black people in tech are still paid less than white people, according to Hired

Pay discrimination and discrepancies based on gender and race are nothing new. Unfortunately, it seems that little has changed over the years. In the tech industry, white people on average make $136,0

Tech industry and comp-sci majors are highest earners, says LinkedIn job survey

The vast quantities of money raised by startups and the stratospheric share prices of publicly-traded tech giants perhaps speak for themselves, but a survey out today from LinkedIn has provided a few

Sharing Salaries In A Spreadsheet Is Not The Way To Pay Transparency

In the last couple weeks, I’ve seen a lot of media coverage on one former Google employee’s effort to bring more pay transparency to her workplace by creating a spreadsheet for co-workers to share

China Draws Executives From Silicon Valley

China recently published its GDP growth for Q1 of 2015 at 7 percent. While this figure is drastically lower than the double-digit growth seen in previous years, it has still attracted foreign companie

How Long Will Programmers Be So Well-Paid?

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