• Six Apart Acquires Rojo

    Blogging platform company Six Apart will announce this morning that it has acquired Rojo, a feed reader and search engine that competes with Bloglines and other companies. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but our assumption was that this a less than $5 million deal. Six Apart is not planning on continuing to build out the core Rojo products. In the press release (sorry no link available… Read More

  • Rojo Launches Nooz for Myspace

    On Monday, Rojo will launch an interactive news service aimed at Myspace users (and additional social networks in the future). The new product, Nooz, will leverage technologies developed by Rojo but will not be under the Rojo brand. When I spoke to Rojo CEO Chris Alden about Nooz, he stressed that it is designed specifically for the Myspace crowd, whereas Rojo is aimed at the geek/early… Read More

  • Rojo Has Blog Search, Too

    After writing about new blog search engines from Bloglines and Gnoos this week, Chris Alden (Rojo CEO) pointed out to me that Rojo also quietly launched a blog search service earlier in the month. Rojo has focused on building out its feed reader in the past – this is its first real dive into blog search. It looks like it went nearly undetected: there are no comments or trackbacks to the… Read More

  • The State of Online Feed Readers

    Syndication is undoubtedly the heartbeat of the web 2.0 movement. A feed reader, the most common solution to consuming synidcated content, saves the user time by monitoring countless sites and sources and providing near real-time updates to one location. There are a number of different types of readers: web-based, desktop, Outlook based, etc… This post is focused solely on web-based… Read More

  • Rojo Gets Relevant

    Rojo added a great new relevance feature tonight, and the result is a sort of personalized digg. You can now view your feeds by date or relevance, with relevance being determined according to other users votes (think diggs), total reads and total user tags. The result – a nice way to sort through your daily feeds to find the most popular posts. Rojo has also added a number of… Read More

  • New: Blog Ad Exchange at Rojo

    On Friday Rojo will be officially releasing Feedshare, a new way for blogs to promote themselves on other blogs. The service is available now to test. The idea is that a blog include a Google Adsense-type ad unit on the site (I’ve included this in the bottom left sidebar of TechCrunch). Two ads are served in the unit and there are vertical and horizontal ad units to choose from. For ever… Read More

  • Update – Rojo (new stuff)

    Company: Rojo
    Previous Profile: June 17, 2005
    Location: San Francisco Rojo launched two new features this week: expanded tag functionality and top 100 feeds. Top 100 Feeds: Rojo now lists the top 100 feeds subscribed to by users. The top ten include the usual suspects, which at least shows that Rojo users are pretty mainstream v. other readers. They call it the Rojo 100. You can also view… Read More

  • Profile: Rojo

    Company: Rojo Location: San Francisco, CA Launched: Closed Beta – October 2004, Open Beta – April 20, 2005 Funding: “Rojo received seed financing from TPG Ventures and individuals such as Marc Andreessen and Ron Conway. Rojo’s most recent round of funding was lead by BV Capital and TPG Ventures.” What is it? Rojo is a web-based RSS Reader (list of all here)… Read More