New: Blog Ad Exchange at Rojo

On Friday Rojo will be officially releasing Feedshare, a new way for blogs to promote themselves on other blogs. The service is available now to test.

The idea is that a blog include a Google Adsense-type ad unit on the site (I’ve included this in the bottom left sidebar of TechCrunch). Two ads are served in the unit and there are vertical and horizontal ad units to choose from. For ever two ads served, the publishing blog gets an impression on another blog.

FeedShare is a service that helps bloggers with similar interests promote each other. As a blogger participant you give exposure on your site to other blogs in the network, and in return your blog will be promoted on similar sites in the network.

You give exposure by displaying “Feed Listings” (see examples) which display the name and description of blogs and other feed publishers. When visitors click on these listings they can then subscribe to the RSS or Atom feed for that blogger or publisher in any one of several feed readers.

You then create a listing for your OWN blog and for every impression you donate to the network on your blog, you will receive a listing on someone else’s blog or in The goal is to help build the feed subscriber base to your blog, increasing awareness and traffic to your site.

Rojo plans to sell the second ad to third parties, first on a cost-per-impression basis. Later they may experiment with cost-per-click and cost-per-subscirber models as well.

Tags can be set by the blog publisher to control the types of ads shown on the site, as well as what types of sites your ads will be shown on.

Ads link back to Rojo and are recommended for subscription to Rojo or other feed readers. A discussion forum for Feedshare is here.