Rojo Gets Relevant

Rojo added a great new relevance feature tonight, and the result is a sort of personalized digg.

You can now view your feeds by date or relevance, with relevance being determined according to other users votes (think diggs), total reads and total user tags. The result – a nice way to sort through your daily feeds to find the most popular posts.

Rojo has also added a number of categories – breaking news, entertainment, technology, etc., with the included feeds editorially picked and the ranking by relevance and freshness. This is a good way to find popular posts from sources that are not included in your feed list.

Rojo is ahead of the pack again in terms of features, and relevance is a hot topic right now. The question is whether this is going to be enough to drive user adoption in the extremely crowded feed reader space. Richard asks a different question: “I wonder if this will wake Bloglines out of their slumber?”