Update – Rojo (new stuff)

Company: Rojo
Previous Profile: June 17, 2005
Location: San Francisco

Rojo launched two new features this week: expanded tag functionality and top 100 feeds.

Top 100 Feeds:

Rojo now lists the top 100 feeds subscribed to by users. The top ten include the usual suspects, which at least shows that Rojo users are pretty mainstream v. other readers.

They call it the Rojo 100. You can also view the most read feeds for any given tag.

This second part is more interesting. The top 100 is just another list – not super interesting as a stand alone feature. However, the ability to type a tag and see the most popular feeds based on the tag is, actually, quite useful. In particular, we like the results for the tag “Web2.0“, which lists Read/Write Web and TechCrunch in the top two spots (looks perfect to us!).

Now you can see the most read feeds in Rojo at any one time. Call it the Rojo 100. This list will change all the time, as Rojo users reading habits grow and evolve. Lists are all the rage these days, but while the list of the top 100 most read feeds in Rojo might be interesting, what’s MORE interesting is seeing the most read feeds in a particular topic area. To find the most read feeds in any number of topic areas, simply search for a feed tag–that is a word used to describe an RSS feed–in our feed tag directory and sort the results by popularity. This way you will find the most read feeds in a particular subject area in Rojo. Turning attention into serendipity–that’s what we are about.


Rojo is one of the only feed readers to allows tagging of feeds and posts. They are starting to release tools to help users find new content based on other users’ tags. Check out popular feeds based on the tags you select:

This week in Rojo a cool new feature: The Rojo User Generated Feed Directory! (RUGFEED??) Can’t find the RSS feed you are looking for? Our feed directory of around 100,000 feeds has been categorized by YOU–the Rojo user. In the “Tag” section of Rojo there is now a “Feeds” sub-section where you can find the most recently and most frequently tagged feeds in Rojo. You can also scope feed lists by All Users, or just your contacts–or yourself.

The most commonly used feed tags are shown in the left sidebar, and you can search for a single feed tag to help you find the exact feed you are looking for. Want to find food blogs? Just search for feeds tagged “food” and you are on your way. You can see related tags as well. You can tag a feed when you first add it, or edit your feed tags in the Manage Feeds page.

See the Rojo Blog for more information.