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EA says it's not desperate for Take-Two

EA’s current offer for Take-Two is set to expire on May 16 and it’s highly unlikely that EA will up the bid like T2 thinks it should. Yes, GTA IV sold more than $500 million globally making it one

Target taking advantage of GTA IV to push Mother's Day sales

Brian over at Kotaku found this little ad by Target and I have to admit it’s pretty ingenious, but then again it’s pretty stupid. If I already owned GTA IV, what the hell would I be doing cruising

Spoiler Alert: GTA IV walkthrough

Well, a little ole game by Rockstar was released last night and I’m positive some of you have skipped out on work or class to play this morning. If that’s the case and you’re taking a tiny break

GTA IV expected to sell 9 million copies at launch

GTA 4 Video (720p) – from Someone on Vimeo. Two years after it was announced and delayed, GTA IV launches tonight with little marketing and big dreams. It’s expected to sell 9

R* announces launch date for "Midnight Club: LA"

Rockstar Games announced this morning that the fourth installment in the Midnight Club series, “Midnight Club: Los Angeles”, is set for a mid-September launch across various platforms. The

Video: Rockstar releases GTA IV TV commercial in the UK I’m not watching it so there’s no comment from me on this one, but feel free to leave yours.

Rockstar details GTA IV multiplayer modes

Last week Rockstar released screen shots for various levels and modes of multiplayer to everyone’s delight. Well, details regarding those screen shots have emerged for Team and Race modes. Enjoy

Another purported video of the "GTA IV" intro

This could be the real deal, but then again, others thought this was the real deal, too.

CrunchArcade: GTA IV multiplayer screen shots

GTA IV launches April 29. You want this game. You’ve been frothing over this game for months and months. It has a 16-player online mode. Check out the shots.

CrunchArcade: Rockstar Games + Mad Doc Software = Rockstar New England

Rockstar Games announced on Friday the acquisition of Mad Doc Software resulting in the formation of Rockstar New England. The Andover, MA-based software company specializes in AI and networking and w

CrunchArcade: GTA IV's downloadable music will be portable to iPods, computers

We’ve known for awhile now that GTA IV, when it hits, will have the ability to program the in-game radio with music purchased online. But now Amazon’s getting in on the action, allowing th

CrunchArcade: EA relentlessly pursuing Take-Two, amends offer

EA is absolutely going apesh*t over Take-Two. In retaliation over Take-Two’s public rejection of EA, the software giant from Redwood Shores is fighting back. This whole scenario reminds me of yo

CrunchArcade: Last GTA IV trailer So here’s the last trailer for Rockstar Game’s GTA IV. Let’s hope they work out all the bugs because they need to get this into

CrunchArcade: Take-Two says EA offer is inadequate

Flickr’d Oh burn, EA. Take-Two’s board of directors have advised shareholders that they’re worth way more than the $26/share EA is willing to pony up. The press release is mostly a bunch of

Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition makes me wet my pants

[photopress:gta4_x360_pre_500.jpg,full,pp_image] This is probably the coolest Special Edition package for any game I’ve ever seen. Way better than any of the Halo 3 packages. I’m pretty su

Grand Theft Auto IV coming this April

There are a slew of updates to game play such as having no control over your inebriated body or something more useful like autosave after each mission. It gets a tiny bit dramatic when you’re in

Comparison video of Manhunt 2 kill moves

Win a Wii covered in blood

Well, fake blood at least. Looks like Rockstar Games, the folks behind the popular Grand Theft Auto series, are giving away a 50-inch plasma TV and a Nintendo Wii covered in “blood”. Don&#

Sony PS3 Goes Rockstar

I believe I’m on the verge of taking back every bad thing I said about the PS3 with news that Sony has signed an exclusive deal with Rockstar Games for the ‘next great franchise’. This is very e

Working At Rockstar Makes You One Cool Dude

NOT! But it’s always fun to see the inner-workings of all your favorite companies. Jeff, who used to work for Rockstar Games, recently posted a gigantic manifesto on his time spent working for t