Spoiler Alert: GTA IV walkthrough

Well, a little ole game by Rockstar was released last night and I’m positive some of you have skipped out on work or class to play this morning. If that’s the case and you’re taking a tiny break between killing prostitutes or blowing things up then steer clear because I’m about to reveal a complete walkthrough of the game. Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.


The Cousins Bellic
A nice easy introduction to GTA’s driving. Drive to Roman’s place with your drunk cousin in tow. If you fail this, you’ve got a long road ahead.

It’s your Call
Another simple mission, and your first chance to use your mobile phone. Just watch out for the loan sharks and phone Roman when they arrive. Get back to the depot. Easy.

Three’s A Crowd
Another mission with the loan sharks. Pick up Mallory at the subway. Then go pick up Michelle, then take her back to her apartment. Call Roman and he’ll tell you to buy some clothes – just don’t spend too much, because money’s tight at the moment.

First Date
Here you need to take Michelle bowling. We’re not sure if you need to win, but she’s so hopeless at bowling that you probably will anyway. Then just take her home. After this, you can call her anytime to set up another date.

Bleed Out
Go and find Roman on the basketball court. You’re going to have to fight the people beating him up, but try to only take on one at a time, or you’ll get surrounded. Use the disarm on Darden to take his knife away and then stab him.

Easy Fare
This is your first cab mission for Roman. Pick up Jermaine, take him where he wants, then lose the cops. After this you’ll be able to take on taxi missions to earn extra money.


Jamaican Heat
Pick up little Jacob and take him where he wants. Go to the vantage point and wait for dealers – if you stay where you’re told, there’s no chance of them hitting you. Shoot them all, then get back to Jacob’s house. Another easy mission.

Concrete Jungle
This is your first chance to do some in-car shooting, but it’s just as easy to run Little Jacob’s competitors over. After that’s done, take Jacob to the dealers’ house and let him keep them busy while you shoot everyone. This mission introduces cover shooting if you haven’t done it yet.


Bull In A China Shop
Go to the shop that’s giving Vlad trouble, and throw a brick through window to convince them to pay up. This brick trick’s handy for causing a distraction in situations when pulling a gun might be considered going a bit far.

Hung Out To Dry
Here you’re chasing the owner of the Laundromat, so you’ll want to pick a fairly chunky car to ram him off the road – if you hit him directly from behind you might go through the windshield. There’s a car out the back you can hotwire, but a Patriot might be a better choice.

Clean Getaway
Here you just need to catch the subway, then punch out the two guys there. If you’ve got a gun, just shoot them. Then it’s off to the car wash and then to the garage to finish the mission.

Ivan The Not So Terrible
Ivan’s a pretty ropey driver, so the tough bit of this mission’s chasing him across the rooftops. Chase him in car, across rooftops, stamp on his hands or let him go. This might affect what happens later, though…

Uncle Vlad
Head to Comrades but park your car out back and equip a shotgun. Pop the bodyguards, sprint through the doors, drive out front and make sure you pick up Roman, then follow Vlad. You need to be quick, but you finally get to execute the guy who’s been causing you so much grief.


Crime and Punishment
This is the first mission where you need to get a cop car: to do it, either call 911 – although this means one guy will stay in the car and need to be dealt with – or fire into the air to attract police attention. This way both cops will leave their car to investigate, and you can steal it without getting a wanted rating. Now all you have to do is pull over vans – but make sure you’ve got a shotgun equipped for when things inevitably go wrong.

Do You Have Protection?
Drive to the Sex shop, then kneecap the guy Faustin tells you to. Head back to the gun shop and you’ll be rewarded with an SMG.

Final Destination
Here you’re heading to the subway to whack a guy. Have a gun ready, because one of his bodyguards has an SMG and you need to take him out fast. After that’s done, sprint across the tracks and pop your target before he gets in a car. Or shoot out his tyres and kill him when he crashes.

No Love Lost
This is one of the first missions where there’s no point in shooting at your target – you just need to be careful you don’t fall off your bike and chase him at a distance. When his gang turn up in the park, dismount at a distance from them, and use trees as cover while you shoot them all. There’s no rush for this.

Rigged To Blow
Here Faustin’s given you a truck rigged with a bomb. Drive carefully, because one or two knocks will make it explode. Just take it to the destination, and watch it blow from a distance. Easy.


Killing Faustin
Before taking on this mission, answer Dimitri’s text to find a bulletproof vest behind the bins. Shotgun pull before the club. Shogtun everyone, through the alley, up the staris. Wait for him to get to the roof, then you can do him as he pops out. No mercy, because he’s got a machine gun.


Logging On
This is your introduction to the internet café. Just go and set up a profile at Lovemeet.com – the second part of this mission comes later.

Search and Delete
First, get a cop car and use the computer. When you find your target, you can’t stop him until a certain point, although you can shoot out his tyres. You need to watch out for trucks swerving around in the road in front of you, but the trickiest part of this mission is losing the police attention you’ll get from running through toll booths. Just stay calm and don’t bump or shoot any civilians and it’ll be fine.

Easy As Can Be
This is a tough drive with lots of shooters. Brake early on the corners – it’s better to slow down a bit than power slide, mess it up and have to reverse out of a spot while everyone’s peppering you with gunfire.

Although this mission’s called Shadow, you don’t really need to be that stealthy – you can just spook the dealer you’re after, then sprint after him. Then shoot him and his mates, and you’re done.

Russian Revolution
Little Jacob will help you out on this mission, but this is mainly about precision aiming and taking cover. You’ll have to brave the cops to make it out of the front, but if you pop a couple you’ll have a fairly clear route past the rest. but then it’s plain sailing to lose them.

Out Of The Closet
Go to the internet café. Your date’s going to be at the diner on 69th and Hove. There are cops around so stab him when he runs. To avoid any trouble.

No. 1
This is the game’s only story mode race – the only thing you need to worry about is the second last checkpoint where crashing through a barrier could put you in the riverbed. Otherwise, just take the corners steady – you’ll have plenty of time to outdistance the other racers on the straights.


Escuela Of The Streets
This is the first mission where you really need to tail someone. Watch out at the traffic lights and on corners, because it’s easy to accidentally get too close and scare your targets off early. When you get to your destination, shoot everyone. You can either shoot the lock off the door – which’ll warn them that you’re coming in – or throw a brick through the window, climb in that way and take them by surprise. There’s a Sprunk machine at the back of the warehouse to top up your health when you’re done.

Street Sweeper
Here you need the element of surprise to get all your targets. Kill the first two gang members by ramming your car into them, jump out to finish stragglers then get the other car. There are cops everywhere, but if you start a gunfight there’s a chance they’ll actually do your job for you.

The Puerto Rican Connection
Here you’re following an elevated train. Just switch to the far view with select and look out for corners by watching the radar. When it stops, pop the two goons then sprint after the guy. You can shoot him at a distance if you use the lockon, but try to do him in one shot to minimise police interference.


Luck of the Irish
A relatively simple introduction to sniping, this. The only tricky bits are that you’ll need to shoot the guy struggling with Packie on the left, and the last guy through the window of his truck.

Blow Your Cover
Don’t pull a gun until you’re up the first flight of stairs in this mission – even though the people downstairs threaten you, you don’t actually need to take them on. On the way up the stairs, blast everyone, and grab the medipack on the stairwell. Get the vest on the rooftop, then blast a path out through the SWAT teams.

The Snow Storm
If you’ve got a sniper rifle, you can shoot the first couple of guys with that. Then head into the old hospital and methodically clear everyone out. The room with the coke has two guys with guns and a bullet proof vest inside – you’ll need it to escape from the cops. Don’t get bogged down in a gunfight, just clear a path and grab one of the SUVs parked on the left as you leave.


Deconstruction for Beginners
Although Playboy X wants you to go up on the roof with him, you don’t have to – the three lookouts are on the end of each crane and you can shoot them from ground level with a sniper rifle. Switch to the AK as you enter the building site and be methodical before you move forward. Clean out as many people as you can before you shoot the third union boss – this’ll send in a chopper full of backup for the final boss. You move in a fairly straight line, so as long as you don’t dash forwards nobody shoot get behind you.

Photo Shoot
Here you’ll need to use your mobile phone camera to identify your target, but as long as you get him vaguely in the shot you don’t actually need to get a closeup of his face. Marlon’s the one in the black jacket – he’s got two cars parked for the getaway but you can pop him before he gets to them if you shoot straight away. If he makes it, they’re both Patriots so you’ve got a tough chase ahead…


Call And Collect
The blackmailer you’re looking for’s wearing a black and yellow puffy jacket. If you can’t see him, just walk through the crowd – you can call him on the phone twice, but the second time Nico will start threatening him and scare him into running. There’s no way to kill him without attracting police attention, so shoot him in the head and make a run for the nearest car.

Final Interview
Go to Perseus to get a suit plenty of time ahead of your job interview. Once you’re in the office with him alone, shoot Goldberg. The easiest way to escape – assuming you’ve got a bit of health left – is to shoot out the windows and jump out, avoiding taking on security in his office. Then grab a car and make your getaway.

Once you’re on the roof with the sniper rifle there are two ways of getting the target in your sights – you can either shoot his satellite dish so that he gets up to adjust his TV, or check his phone number – it’s on his phone – through your sights and give him a call to make him get up. Either way, pop him in the back of the head.


Ruff Rider
Go to the arcade: you’ll be given a choice of killing a girl or letting her go, but either way you’ll need to chase down her boyfriend on a motorbike. He’ll crash eventually, and you can run over his head.

Undress To Kill
This is a slightly tough mission, because there are three guys to kill. The first is in the front office, near the doors, with a shotgun – if you sneak in, you can kill him with a melee weapon without alerting the club staff. The second target’s near the stage, chatting to a stripper – you can’t shoot him without causing a massive ruckus. The third guy’s in a booth at the back, having a dance – he’s carrying an AK and being guarded by a guy with a shotgun, but you’re best off popping him second, then killing the second target when he runs.

Anyone who makes it to the car park will jump in a van and head down the stairs at the rear, making you chase them – if more than one guy gets away, the passengers will shoot at you as you chase them. If you’ve got a car, you can block the steps, but trying to break into any of the vehicles in the car park will set off the alarm.

Have A Heart
This is an easy mission – just remember to pay the toll on the way to the hospital, or you’ll get bogged down in a police chase and run out of time.

The Holland Play
This is where you get to make the game’s first major decision – whether to kill Dwayne or Playboy X. Dwayne’s only protected by one guy with a bat. Playboy’s protected by a gang of goons, and he’ll make a run for it – but killing him gets you his apartment as a safe house.


Wrong Turn
Check your emails and go to the jewellery shop to find your target. Watch where you can cut him off at corners as he runs, and you’ll be able to chase him down easily.


Harboring A Grudge
When Packie says ‘Get at ’em’ – DON’T. Stay hidden behind the sign with him, and pick off the Triads one by one. More will appear when you jump down, so be ready – and watch for the ones on the right. When you’re done, go into the office behind the truck to find a medipack, then steal the truck. Be careful when you’re dropping grenades – only do it when you’re on a straight with nothing ahead, otherwise you run the risk of getting stuck and blowing yourself up.

Waste Not Want Knots
This is your first heist with the McGreary boys, so make sure you look after them. You can barrel in the front, but there’s much less risk if you climb over the fence and head for the side door. Once you’re inside, the boys will announce that they’re pushing forward – stay with them, or one of them’ll die. Get to the office so the boys don’t get shot, then sprint out again.

Three Leaf Clover
This is one of the toughest missions in the game – and the longest. Don’t get bogged down killing cops – you need to avoid taking damage and pop the guys marked in red on the radar to clear a path. Don’t stay in open spaces because you’ll get shot, and grab the medipack as you head into the tube station.

Make sure you get a big four-door when it’s time to run – you’re going to have to run four police roadblocks so you need something chunky. You can get loads of distance on the bridge, but as soon as you hit the off-ramp, veer right and towards the tree-lined park – here it’s pretty easy to lose the cops because they’re terrible at off-roading.

If you break your car but you’ve got rid of police attention, you can call a cab to get you back to the safe house – it’s much less risky than trying to steal a car.

A Long Way To Fall
Check the text to find the guy you need to intimidate, then head upstairs. You need to be really careful on this mission, because every doorway means you could be shot from two angles. Stay close to the walls, and always tackle the stairs slowly. The last guy isn’t packing a gun, so you don’t need to worry about him too much.

Hostile Negotiations
Roman’s been kidnapped, and it’s time for a huge gunfight. On the lower levels, fire in bursts so you don’t get shot while you’re firing at someone else, and feel free to lob grenades around. When you get to Roman, you can use the sniper rifle for a perfect shot at the guy holding him, but it’s fairly easy to just free-aim.


Dust Off
This is a pretty simple one. Just shoot the two guys guarding the chopper, then make a run for it and jump in. Nobody’s going to chase you if you do it efficiently.

Paper Trail
Here you need to pick up the chopper you were using earlier and fly it in a chase after another copter. The only bit to worry about is flying under the bridge – don’t descend too sharply, or you’re dead. After that, stay on the right of the enemy chopper to let Little Jacob get a clear shot. After that, you’re free to try making friends with him.

Portrait Of A Killer
This is basically a street fight, so you run the risk of attracting police attention if you shoot from the wrong place. You can get behind the Russians and attack from above, which is probably the best bet – otherwise they’ve got a height advantage on you. Just stay as far away as you can and pop the lot of them.


Taking Out The Trash
This is an easy one. The boys on the back of the Trashmaster keep the enemies off you, so you just need to drive. And not crash into anyone, obviously.

This is an easy car chase. Just make it to the park, shoot Luca’s henchmen and chase him to the toilet. Shoot the doors open and you’ll find Luca cowering. Kill him and leave with the diamonds.


Tricky one, this. When you find Bucky, follow him through the back alleys to his house. Now you’ve got two options. You can stay at a distance and work your way in slowly, shooting the guy on the porch and then taking cover outside the door – but that’ll alert the police, and there’s a risk that they’ll shoot you in the back.

The other option is to do things quick – ram your car into the house and try to take out a couple of Bucky’s boys before they get inside, then dash in and take cover behind the sofa to shoot the rest. The last man’ll be hiding at the top of the stairs with a shotgun, so be careful about popping him.

There’s nothing you can do about the police turning up, but that can work to your advantage – if they get drawn into a firefight, they might finish off Bucky’s boys for you. Whatever happens, leave via the back door and circle around to the right to find one of the getaway cars parked in the yard.

Another tough one. The key here is to stay close to Kim’s boat – as long as you’re relatively nearby, he won’t die, even if you can’t kill his pursuers. Once you get the rocket launcher, use it to take out any boats behind you, but be careful about using it on any boats near Kim’s – you’re probably better off switching back to the machinegun and shooting the men rather than their boat.

Tunnel Of Death
There’s no rush to block the tunnel here, so make sure you’re loaded up before you do it. When the ambush starts, shoot the guy who’s approaching you, then start rolling grenades into the police cars – don’t risk using the rocket launcher, because it’s too easy to blow yourself up. Once the mission’s done, you can take it fairly steady in the police transport.


Blood Brothers
This isn’t really a mission – it’s more like a decision. Do you shoot Francis or Derek? If you pick Francis, you’ll unlock the Undertaker missions for later…


Museum Piece
Get behind cover straight away. There are guys coming at you from all sides, so make sure your back’s covered while you clear out one aisle – then you can concentrate on the others. There’s a medipack at the top of the stairs, so grab that and watch out for more people appearing on the balconies as you head through the museum. When you get outside, shoot the first two guys you see, then jump in a car and lose everyone.

No Way On The Subway
Another mission where you can’t kill the people you’re chasing until a certain point. You’ll need to chase them through the subway – you can actually kill the first biker after passing a couple of trains, but if you leave him alone he’ll crash into an oncoming train on his own and die anyway. After that the last biker veers onto the bridge – follow him, and accelerate to take the jump when he brakes. He’ll crash, so you can shoot him or run him over at leisure.

Late Checkout
Once you get up in the lift here the shooting’s going to start straight away, so tap left on the D-pad to pull out your biggest gun and get blasting. This is actually a fairly decent place to use a rocket launcher, grenades or Molotovs, because the confined space makes them very effective. The toughest section happens as you reach the roof – the glass stops you dashing through to take cover, but doesn’t stop bullets. Keep your head down and blind fire over the top to take down the first few enemies.

Truck Hustle
This one’s a simple matter of shooting absolutely everyone before you even try to make it onto the truck. After you sprint to the truck and grab the back, just pull back on the stick to hang on at the corners.

Phil gives you two options here, but the best one is to head around the back and shoot your way up the building. It’s best to take a rocket launcher on this mission so you can take out the chopper easily, but a few clips of carbine ammo will do the job just as well.

Catch The Wave
Once the shooting starts in this mission, hide behind the truck to shoot the mobsters, then stay between Phil and the boats once you’re on the water. All you have to do is stay alive and between Phil, and eventually you’ll ‘lose’ the other boats. Simple.

To Live And Die In Alderney
Things go wrong as soon as you get to Frankie’s house in this mission, so be ready to get driving. You’ll need to follow Phil’s car – shoot at the cops if you want – until it’s time to do a runner on foot. Don’t worry if Frankie gets hit, because it doesn’t seem to matter too much if he dies. The main thing is to lose the cops, which is easiest to do by going through people’s back gardens until you cut off their line of sight.


Weekend At Florian’s
Instead of getting a GPS in this mission, you need to listen to directions. If you can’t be bothered with that, though, just head to Middle Park West in Broker – that’s where you’ll find Florian.


Hating The Haters
This is another chase scene where you can’t kill your target until a certain point – just be aware that you’re going to have to pick Bernie up on your moped, because you don’t want to drive past and lose him.

Union Drive Blackmailers
This is possibly the toughest chase in the game, because the blackmailers can’t be stopped and will flip cars over as you chase them. Once you’ve made it along the freeway – and don’t worry about the cops who show up to tackle the blackmailers – they’ll become vulnerable and eventually crash, letting you take them down as they dash through the park.

Just don’t go too nuts with the shooting, or you’ll have to lose the cops before you can finish the mission.

Buoys Ahoy
Inevitably, your picnic’s going to go wrong – so when it does, just follow the enemy boat until it crashes. You can actually flank Dimitri’s men by scrambling up the bank and getting behind them, which takes them by surprise and lets you shoot them in the bank. Get the one nearest the boats first, so that when the cops turn up you can hope in the boat with Bernie and run for it.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words
This is another tailing mission, but unlike the last one the bad guys don’t stop at red lights, so it’s more important to stay with them than to keep your distance. When you get to their HQ, leave your car on the getaway spot, then trigger the bomb and finish off anyone left. Afterwards you’ll have to evade the police which can be tricky because of the lack of places to go – stay on the straights until you find a place with a junction, then zigzag.

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and your Motorcycle
The bike you need’s around the side of the house. Go and find the man you’re supposed to be killing, but be aware that he’s going to bolt straight away. There aren’t too many preset events in this chase – although you need to be wary of buses coming out of the side streets – so the main thing is practicing hit your power slides to get around corners fast. Dab the brakes coming in, then hit the handbrake as you go into the bend and accelerate out.

I’ll Take Her
Although you’re technically supposed to drive your kidnappee towards the coast so she doesn’t get nervous, it isn’t really that important – as soon as you crash or do something crazy in the car, you’ll spook her and you can get on with the kidnap. Don’t go too fast – she’ll grab the wheel or slap you, making you swerve, and if you’re travelling at speed you’ll collide with something and trash the car.

Keep it steady and brake every time she goes nuts – after five or six, Niko will knock her unconscious, letting you tackle the freeway drive in peace. Just don’t forget to pay the tolls.

She’s A Keeper
You can’t afford to switch cars in this mission because Grace’ll die – so focus on avoiding the Ancellotis rather than shooting it out with them. As always, zigzagging is your friend – once they’re all gone, just cruise on home.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend
Another mission gone wrong – again, get straight to cover. Don’t worry about Packie too much, but be aware that the walkways don’t give you much cover – you’ll need to stick close to the pipes if you want to avoid taking damage.


Pegorino’s Pride
You’ll want to wear a suit to get into this mission. The sniping’s relatively easy – just start shooting as soon as the guys run in from the back. Keep your distance as much as possible as you make your way into the building, and shoot as many people as possible from as far away as possible – you can pop the lookouts on the stairway and in the window from miles away with the sniper rifle, saving you from making a dash across open ground.

Once you get to the building, stay in cover and shoot as many people as you can before you go inside, paying special attention to the guys coming from the doorway on the right. Once you go a certain distance into the building you’ll be told to get to Pegerino before he dies – run, because you’ve only got about thirty seconds to get to him.

A bulletproof vest really helps out in this mission, because you don’t want to be worrying about your own health. Then it’s a simple car chase to clean up the final few guys.

The important thing here is not to pull a gun – if you do, it’s an instant two-star wanted level. Head for the ER and shoot Anthony’s bodyguard, then Anthony. This makes the police arrive, but they’ll leave their cars out front, so shoot a path through and grab a motor to get out. If you’re running low on health, there’s a Sprunk machine in the lobby that you can use for top ups.


This is a massive shootout at the church – keep an eye on Packie, and take cover behind the hearse as you roll grenades under the Albanians’ cars. Shoot the dudes. When you get in the hearse to drive to the cemetery, don’t drift around the corners or you’ll lose the coffin.


Find the gangsters and get in convoy – this opening bit’s simple enough. When the shooting starts, get to cover straight away. Shoot all the gangsters from the alley, then jump in your car. Four cars will get on you when you hit the intersection, so drive straight at the lead one and veer around it to break out of the ambush. Then just zigzag through the streets until you’re away. Try not to shoot too much, or you’ll have the cops to worry about as well.

Dining Out
No point messing around here: shoot the maitre de of the Korean restaurant (he’s packing), then shoot the guys who come to investigate. Then shoot everyone else, behing careful as you head up the stairs, and go through the kitchen to kill everyone else. As Fuk escapes, slide down the ladder (by holding X) and sprint into the alley to blow up his car. Job done.

Liquidize The Assets
When you get to the compound with the cocaine vans, climb over the fence to the right of the gate – now you can clamber up onto the walls.

Wipe everyone out, but before you start blowing up the trucks, head around to the right and shoot the people who come out of the side door – otherwise they’ll make a break for it in one of the vans, making you fail the mission.

Once everyone’s dead, conserve ammo by driving all the trucks into a group and leaving the forklift truck near them, then detonating the cylinder on it with a shot or two. This’ll make everything go up like a bonfire.


Finally, Gambetti and Ray come good on their word and Niko’s greatest nemesis – the crooked soldier Darko – is delivered, bound and beaten, into Liberty City airport for Niko to do with as he pleases. This isn’t really a mission as such; more of a chance for Niko to either settle the score or be the bigger man and walk away.

We chose to spare Darko, since he’s a drug-addled, guilt-ridden wreck. Or you could just cap him in the head. Either way, that’s it for this particular mission. And you thought Darko was going to be the final boss, didn’t you?

Now Dimitri’s on the phone; surprisingly, he wants to make pals! This is another crucial juncture for Niko – should he side with the traitor and bring home potential megabucks or opt for revenge and chase Dimitri down to his lair? So, choose your poison – whichever mission you opt for, there’s going to be a crazy amount of shooting so make sure you’re tooled up on both the ammo and armour fronts…

Next Mission
Head to the warehouse down at the docks, where – surprise – just waltzing in with Phil Bell and grabbing the money doesn’t exactly go according to plan. An enormous warehouse shootout beckons, so make damn sure you’re packing full AK ammo and body armour.

Then it’s simply a case of taking your sweet time, seeking cover at every opportunity and using manual zoomed aim to gradually pick your foes off one by one. After about fifty are dead, you should have worked your way up to the office at the top of the warehouse interior.

Drat, some SOB is making off the proceeds! Leg it down to the floor, snag that van waiting outside and chase the thieves across the docks. Be careful not to let them get too much of a lead otherwise you’ll have to restart the mission. Once you’ve caught them, it’s mission completed…

A Dish Best Served Cold
But you don’t want to do that, do you? Nah, revenge is much sweeter so it’s off to Dimitri’s tanker to finally flush the traitor out. This ship is literally crawling with machine-gun and shotgun-toting grunts, so take advantage of the crane that’s located right next to the boarding plank. Take down the nearest guards from above with your AK, before switching to sniper rifle and eliminating /every enemy in sight.

Be sure to look carefully; the more you can pick off at this stage, the less there’ll be to worry about onboard. Once you’re on the ship tread carefully; it’s not uncommon to have left a foe slip through the net and if they catch you unawares Niko’s history.

Work your way through to the bridge, before activating the opening of the bow doors. This’ll trigger another wave of baddies, so remember to seek cover and – above all – /take your time/. After you’ve reached the interior of the hull, wipe out the goons protecting Dimitri before taking him down with grenades from cover. Dimitri can take a lot of punishment, so be careful.

After he’s been incapacitated, enjoy the sweet satisfaction of kneecapping him before popping a cap in his sorry head. Phew, only one more mission remains!

He’s hardly a contender for the Biggest Bad Guy in GTA IV, but that doesn’t stop paranoid mentalist Jimmy Pegerino from deciding he wants Niko dead after the Dimitri debacle. Niko feels likewise, so he, Little Jacob and Packie tear across Liberty City to dish out a final dose of justice.

Pegerino’s hauled up inside an abandoned pier building, but instead of going for a direct all-out assault, slip around the back by the pier and up onto the roof via a handy ladder.

Pick all the goons off from your handy vantage point with your AK, before dropping down onto floor level and clearing out the rest of the building by nipping in through the now unguarded front door. Pegerino’s making a break for it, so chase him down the pier – taking out any remaining stragglers with extreme prejudice.

Drat, he’s got a boat! Never mind, snag the nearby trial bike and hair down the beach in hot pursuit. After a few minutes, you’ll see a ramp pointing out to sea.

Gun it and tear off the ramp – Niko will grab hold of a handy chopper piloted by his pals. Suspend your disbelief for a moment, because this next bit is tricky. Your mates tell you to stay low to Pegerino as you tail him, but since he’s blasting rockets at you that means less dodging time – so keep nice and high so you’ve got ample time to maneuver.

After a period of sustained pelting with your mingun, Pegerino’s mashed up boat docks at Happiness Island where Niko finally has the chance to end his particular Liberty City story. Sadly, for Niko, it’ll come at a hefty personal price.