Truphone raises $339M to retire debt and step up in connecting IoT devices

Truphone, a mobile company based out of London that made a name for itself through low-cost international mobile voice and data plans, is taking a very big step forward in a strategy to catapult itsel

Europe mostly ends mobile roaming fees from today

Europeans traveling through the 28 Member State bloc are now able to use their mobile devices more freely, thanks to a top level abolition of mobile roaming charges across the region. 

Europe passes last hurdle to end mobile roaming fees on June 15

The European Council yesterday adopted the legal act that limits how much mobile operators can charge each other -- the final step in the multi-stage, multi-year process for the region's lawmakers to

Europe ready to hang up on mobile roaming fees by mid-June

The abolition of mobile roaming charges across the European Union by the middle of this year looks almost certain now, after the region's executive body, parliament and representatives of the 28 Membe

Esplorio Records Your Journey So You Don’t Have To

Before I took an arrow to the knee I was quite the adventurer. From Dragonsreach to Blue Palace I’ve visited them all and I have the mugs and commemorative shot glasses to prove it. But what abo

Europe Agrees EU-Wide Net Neutrality Rules And End To Mobile Roaming Fees

European politicians have agreed to end mobile roaming charges in the region by mid 2017, with significant cuts to fees by next summer. MEPs also voted to bring in EU-wide net neutrality rules.

T-Mobile’s Free International Data Is Slow, Frustrating And Incredibly Useful

It’s been almost exactly a year since T-Mobile launched its unlimited international data plans but I never had a chance to give it a try until recently. Before my vacation earlier this month,

Canada’s Wind Mobile Offering Unlimited U.S. Talk, Text And Data Roaming For $15 Per Month

Roaming is the worst, but a new plan from Canadian network operator Wind Mobile, which is one of the few carriers not a part of Canada’s big three telecommunications companies, is going to start

I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This, But T-Mobile Is Awesome

I've spent the last week back in my wintry homeland in Canada, and here the scales have fallen from my eyes, and I have seen the light, and I have a message for all of you who live in America, a messa

Mobile Phone Network Truphone Raises $118M Led By Russian Tycoon Roman Abramovich, At $473M Valuation

<a target="_blank" href="">Truphone</a>, a UK-based mobile network that lets its users make free or low-cost calls to other mobile devices, has today announced a large funding i

Operation Chokehold will blow up AT&T on Friday

<img src="" />Fake Steve is rustling some feathers this week with his <a HREF="

AT&T finally advertises international roaming rates

<img src="">I was burned last year by <a HREF="">AT&T's prohibitive roaming ra

Note to self, you: Do not roam internationally on AT&T – UPDATE: AT&T responds

I’m not a vindictive man. I believe in sweetness and light. But I would encourage anyone with a brain who travels, especially in these trying economic times, to buy an unlocked GSM phone and pur

MAXroam v2: Full data all over the place

The inimitable Pat Phelan has just announced MAXroam v2, an upgrade and improved version of his popular MAXroam SIM. The service now offers more roaming options along with data plans. From his blog: D

Flyin' around the world with cellphones

Larry Magid wrote a fairly detailed examination of roaming on non-GSM networks. I met Larry last week in Majorca, Spain where we were on a panel talking about European vs. American cellphones and the

MAXRoam: It's what's for dinner

Just a quick note to mention that is a really great service. Essentially it’s a reduced rate pre-paid SIM card that lets you add multiple numbers to the same SIM. For example, I now

International roaming plans for iPhone announced: Expensive, but better than the alternative

International iPhone playboys, take notice: AT&T has announced flat-rate data plans for international traveling. We’ve heard a few horror stories of iPhone users being taken to the ringer by

Verizon Set To Terrorize 700k New Users In 2008

Listen to this guy If any of our readers are Rural Cellular subscribers then get out NOW! We don’t have time for questions. Just do it. Verizon is taking the necessary steps to make your life a livi