• Mobile Phone Network Truphone Raises $118M Led By Russian Tycoon Roman Abramovich, At $473M Valuation

    Mobile Phone Network Truphone Raises $118M Led By Russian Tycoon Roman Abramovich, At $473M Valuation

    Truphone, a UK-based mobile network that lets its users make free or low-cost calls to other mobile devices, has today announced a large funding injection of £75 million ($118 million) from a group of investors led by Roman Abramovich, the wealthy Russian owner of Chelsea Football Club, among other things. Abramovich’s investment company Minden accounted for £70 million of this… Read More

  • Operation Chokehold will blow up AT&T on Friday

    Fake Steve is rustling some feathers this week with his Operation Chokehold, a planned bit of corporate disobedience against AT&T. He’s telling iPhone users to go nuts with the data on Friday, December 18, just to show AT&T’s CEO De La Vega, the man who suggested education would encourage users not to use his network so much, what uneducated users really can do to his… Read More

  • AT&T finally advertises international roaming rates

    I was burned last year by AT&T’s prohibitive roaming rates and so last time I flew out I called AT&T to set up a world package. But, as you’ll find, discovering the world packages page is almost impossible on AT&T’s website and the average user will probably have to get burned just like I did before they figure things out. Read More

  • Note to self, you: Do not roam internationally on AT&T – UPDATE: AT&T responds

    I’m not a vindictive man. I believe in sweetness and light. But I would encourage anyone with a brain who travels, especially in these trying economic times, to buy an unlocked GSM phone and purchase pay as you go SIM cards or a MaxRoam SIM and a Rebel SIMCard for the iPhone 3G. I also encourage you to use Boingo for Wi-Fi roaming in airports and, increasingly, cities. Why? Because I… Read More

  • MAXroam v2: Full data all over the place

    The inimitable Pat Phelan has just announced MAXroam v2, an upgrade and improved version of his popular MAXroam SIM. The service now offers more roaming options along with data plans. From his blog: Data roaming – from 0.005/kb
    USA Roaming – from €0.39 per minute
    These are two huge milestones for us, USA as it the most visited country by global cellular customers and Data as its… Read More

  • Flyin' around the world with cellphones

    Larry Magid wrote a fairly detailed examination of roaming on non-GSM networks. I met Larry last week in Majorca, Spain where we were on a panel talking about European vs. American cellphones and the point we finally came to was pretty simple: we need better phones in the U.S. and, if we had them, the iPhone wouldn’t be nearly as exciting as we think it is. What say ye? Read More

  • MAXRoam: It's what's for dinner

    Just a quick note to mention that is a really great service. Essentially it’s a reduced rate pre-paid SIM card that lets you add multiple numbers to the same SIM. For example, I now have a SIM card with four international numbers in Spain, Poland, Germany, and the US and they all work seamlessly in almost any phone. It basically lets locals call you at local rates and you… Read More

  • International roaming plans for iPhone announced: Expensive, but better than the alternative

    International iPhone playboys, take notice: AT&T has announced flat-rate data plans for international traveling. We’ve heard a few horror stories of iPhone users being taken to the ringer by AT&T for international roaming rates, sometimes without even turning their iPhones on. If you’re a globetrotter, you’ll want one of the plans, which start at $25 for 20MB. Read More

  • Verizon Set To Terrorize 700k New Users In 2008

    Listen to this guy If any of our readers are Rural Cellular subscribers then get out NOW! We don’t have time for questions. Just do it. Verizon is taking the necessary steps to make your life a living hell in the first half of 2008 with the announcement today that they would be purchasing Rural Cellular for $757 million in cash to save a few bucks ($1 billion) on roaming. The $45 per… Read More