• Updated:'s reputation will be permanently stained by the Tweetmeme affair

    Now the dust has settled a bit, let’s take a look at exactly what happened yesterday. At around 2pm in the afternoon, after reading our story about a new challenger to Tweetmeme called, TechCrunch commenter @travisketchum found the live, public server where’s files were being kept. The TechCrunch community quickly found remarkable similarities between… Read More

  • Defending Its Turf, TweetMeme Is Already Threatening To Sue ReTweet

    It hasn’t even been 24 hours since we wrote about the impending launch of TweetMeme competitor ReTweet, and already TweetMeme founder Nick Halstead is threatening ReTweet with a lawsuit. He takes being king of retweets very seriously. It is not so much the apparent flat-out copying of TweetMeme’s Website design (ReTweet has not even launched in private beta yet), that bothers him. Read More

  • Looks To Be A TweetMeme Competitor With A Killer Domain Name

    Those little green reweet buttons you see across the web on sites like this one have helped TweetMeme rise in popularity. The buttons are now so ubiquitous that the service has seemingly become the de-facto retweeting mechanism for content on the web. But it looks like it’s about to get a challenger, with a killer name, currently only has a a landing page saying… Read More