Nanomaterials could double efficiency of solar cells by converting waste heat into usable energy

An experimental solar cell created by MIT researchers could massively increase the amount of power generated by a given area of panels, while simultaneously reducing the amount of waste heat. Even bet

Study finds that police body cameras may increase assaults — if used improperly

Putting body cameras on police seems like a net good for everyone involved, but how to deploy them and what the subtler effects will be are questions that would be better answered sooner than later. O

This machine 3D prints metal structures in midair by lasering nanoparticles

One limitation of run-of-the-mill 3D printers is that the structure must essentially be built as a series of layers, each one supporting the next. A new device from Harvard's Wyss Institute allows met

NASA makes it rain with $243M in contracts to institutions and small businesses

NASA is spreading the dough around like a pastry chef. Today the agency announced $50 million in grants to nearly 300 different recipients, from small engineering firms to big-time research institutio

SRI International spins off robotics project as Superflex, aiming at human augmentation

Nonprofit research organization SRI International is spinning off part of its robotics division into a new company called Superflex. It won't be focusing not on industrial robots or the like, but rath

This tattoo-like display is made possible by a new ultra-thin protective ‘E-skin’

It sounds like something out of Star Trek: a patch thinner than a band-aid that you slap on your arm and, within moments, it lights up with heart rate, blood sugar, and so on -- then peels off a few d

Teslaphoresis-activated self-assembling carbon nanotubes look even cooler than they sound

Not all important scientific research is cool looking, or has a cool name. But now and then you get something with both. These self-assembling carbon nanotubes are created with a process called Teslap

Ohio State’s woven-in antennas take us one step closer to smart jeans

Wearables may be the next big thing, but what about the wearables we already wear? Integrating electronics into everyday clothes is still some distance off, but researchers at Ohio State University ha

Tech imitates art in a 3D printed fake Rembrandt based on the old master’s style

To attempt to create a program that successfully imitates the style of one of the greatest painters of all time is hubristic and doomed to fail, but those characteristics are just like catnip to the m

Scientists create living ‘insect-computer hybrid’ with user-adjustable speed and gait

"Nature's ready-made robot platforms." That's how a new paper from researchers at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University describe insects — it's excellent shorthand for the level of "playing g

DARPA kicks off $2m Grand Challenge focused on intelligently splitting up radio spectrum

DARPA has a new Grand Challenge underway, but it's not an automation moonshot like the self-driving car challenges of the early 2000s or the recent Robotics Challenge. The Defense Department's R&D

Microsoft’s new AI-powered bot Tay answers your tweets and chats on GroupMe and Kik

Microsoft has unveiled an A.I.-powered chat bot called, which was built by the Microsoft Technology and Research and Bing teams, with the goal of conducting real-world research on conversationa

Yahoo Releases Its Biggest-Ever Machine Learning Dataset To The Research Community

Yahoo announced this morning that it’s making the largest-ever machine learning dataset available to the academic research community through its ongoing program, Yahoo Labs Webscope. The new da

Your Mouse Knows When You’re Mad

Did you know that when you get frustrated with your computer you move your mouse more slowly? Your computer knows. In fact, researchers at BYU have figured out tell-tale signs of frustration, anger, a

Singularity University Launches Accelerator To Seize Academia’s Innovation Monopoly

Singularity University, the technology think tank and incubator, on Wednesday announced a new accelerator program that aims to push technologies out of research facilities and into the real world. S

New Stretchy Electronics Will Help Us Stay Healthy And Safe

Researchers at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base are working on a new form of electronics encased in a stretchy, bendable casing that allows you to wrap leads around

New System Lets Designers And Researchers “Draw” In 3D Space

A new 3D interactive system created by researchers at the University of Montreal allows designers and builders to “draw” in scenes in real time. By projecting images on a thin material, th

Scientists Turn To Seahorses For Nearly Unbreakable Limbs

Researchers at Clemson University have created a new sort of robotic design based on the long, curled tail of the seahorse. The seahorse is unique because it consists of “square prisms surrounde

Researchers Use Femtosecond Lasers To Display Touchable Images In The Air

A Japanese company called Aerial Burton has been using lasers to ionize air molecules in midair for a few years now, thereby creating bright pixels that float in space. Using the original system, howe

New Process Can Print Stretchy Electronics Onto Your Clothes

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created a single-step process to print conductive material on cloth, allowing manufacturers to build stretchable wearables that can test vital signs like he
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