• Gestigon and Renault know if you’re ready to take the wheel

    Gestigon and Renault know if you’re ready to take the wheel

    Between the current advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and the future, the completely autonomous car rests in some potentially treacherous semi-autonomous territory. Renault has enlisted the help of gesture-control experts at gestigon to help ease the transition from vehicles taking care of driving tasks to humans taking over driving duties. Read More

  • Renault + Nokia = Nokia Car for Brazil

    Renault, a car maker from France that nobody in America cares about, is partnering with Nokia for a special Nokia-branded Renault car for Brazil, where Nokia is quite popular. The car will feature built-in Nokia communication gear as well as GPS and other technology. They’re a special edition, only 1000 will be made, and will retail for about $27,810. Read More

  • Renault Concept Car With Two iPod Docks

    Renault unveiled their new concept car, the Twingo, last week. On the outside, it doesn’t look like anything better than that old Geo my ex-girlfriend used to drive, but the inside packs quite a gadget-y punch. There’s a chiller in the back for 8 drinks (8, Renault? Have you ever bought an 8-pack?), a 15-inch LCD screen in the dash which is connected to the internet-connected PC… Read More