Crypto enforcers wielded a heavy hand this year, but don’t expect it to get softer in 2024

This was quite the year for the crypto industry. From funding shortfalls to the SBF saga playing out in public, the industry and its proponents had a wild year.

Existential risk? Regulatory capture? AI for one and all? A look at what’s going on with AI in the UK

The promise and pitfall of artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days. Some say AI will save us: It’s already on the case to fix pernicious health problems, patch up digital divides in ed

Institutional crypto adoption in Asia is growing as the US market remains a question mark

After multiple industry-changing events crippled the industry’s advancement last year, the positive shift is welcome, according to several industry players in the region.

The US can’t kill crypto: Real regulations are coming

Predicting the death of crypto is a convenient but inaccurate narrative. The U.S. will get there. It always does.

SEC settles first NFT enforcement case, fines LA media company $6M

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is suing a non-fungible token project, marking the first time the authority has taken enforcement action against a company for selling unregistered NFTs. Im

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel to regulate AI responsibly

Regulating AI shouldn’t be reinventing the wheel, regardless of polarized political discourse.

AI leaders warn Senate of twin risks: Moving too slow and moving too fast

Leaders from the AI research world appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss and answer questions about the nascent technology. Their broadly unanimous opinions generally fell into two

Why smart AI regulation is vital for innovation and US leadership

With all this possibility, can such an amazing technology also be bad? Some of the concerns around AI platforms are legitimate.

OpenAI leaders propose international regulatory body for AI

AI is developing rapidly enough and the dangers it may pose are clear enough that OpenAI’s leadership believes that the world needs an international regulatory body akin to that governing nuclea

Crypto needs a global view to build better regulatory models

Growing concerns in the U.S. crypto industry around regulation is making overseas opportunities look more appealing.

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried seeks to dismiss most US charges against him

Former FTX CEO and founder Sam Bankman-Fried has filed a pretrial motion to dismiss 10 out of 13 charges against him, according to court documents. Bankman-Fried is under house arrest at his parent’

Prohibition of AI that ‘subverts state power’ in China may chill its nascent industry

Chinese regulators have proposed restrictive rules around AI models like ChatGPT being built in the country, requiring user identification and security reviews, and prohibiting “any content that

UK regulators could be right about cloud portability obstacles

Could regulators be right and it really is to hard to migrate between clouds, or are certain technical hurdles too hard to overcome?

Binance CFTC suit shows that ‘regulators will keep regulating and regulate more’

Binance's CFTC lawsuit may bring about more regulation for the crypto space and affect market players' confidence.

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried charged for allegedly bribing Chinese officials

U.S. prosecutors today filed a superseding indictment against former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried alleging he bribed Chinese officials.

Coinbase execs weigh in on the crypto’s future in US amid regulatory scrutiny

If the crypto industry doesn’t get clear rules of the road, expertise will move offshore, experts say.

SVB’s mess could become stablecoins’ problem

After USDC depegged from $1 last week, many are questioning whether SVB’s collapse has bigger implications on the stablecoin ecosystem

FTC’s new Office of Technology will help mop up tech ‘oozing with snake oil’

The FTC is embracing change with the establishment of an Office of Technology (OT) that will help it effectively regulate the fast-moving tech world. Citing “systemic concerns” relating to

SEC’s proposal could affect which crypto companies can manage assets

The SEC proposed a new rule that may back crypto companies further into a corner as regulators continue to crack down on the space.

New York’s right-to-repair bill has major carve-outs for manufacturers

During the lull between last Christmas and New Year’s, New York State became one of the first in the country to enact a “right to repair” law — albeit with amended language tha
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