Apple increased the use of recycled materials in its products to nearly 20% in 2021

Apple has unveiled a series of environmental initiatives, including expanding the use of recycled materials in its products. In addition to starting to use recycled gold for the first time, Apple has

MIT’s recycling sorting robot can ‘feel’ the difference between materials

RoCycle is, naturally, short for “recycling robot,” the latest offering out of MIT’s CSAIL lab. The pick and place ‘bot utilizes a unique combination of sensors to help distinguish the mat

Build a postal scale from old discs and scrap wire

<img src="" />Got some old CD's? Some spare steel wire, some tape and a couple of finishing nails? Then you too can build a simple p

Bike-powered rim shot for your cycling-related puns Check out this preview of the Make: t

Bloomberg, Nokia want you to man up, recycle that old cell phone

I’m the treehugger at CrunchGear and I make it known every chance I get. I don’t overwhelm you with facts and figures or any of that nonsense, but I do put in a gadget here and there. Now this isn