• Sony squeaks out the Reader Daily Edition before Christmas

    This is cutting it close. Sony had previously promised to make the 3G-equipped Reader Daily Edition available before Christmas and the company just announced it’s shipping out pre-orders placed before December 20th. The rest? Well, you’re SOL like some folks that ordered the Nook. Read More

  • Introducing the $1,500 Intel e-book reader

    The Amazon Kindle costs $260. The Barnes and Noble Nook costs $260. The Sony reader is $300. Clearly there’s an established price point for what we call an e-book reader. Jumping into the e-book fray comes the Intel Reader, for fifteen hundred U.S. dollars. No WiFi, no associated book store, but it does include a 5 megapixel camera, and a host of features designed to make it the best… Read More

  • Full specs of new Sony Readers posted (and then pulled)

    Oh, the wonders of our Internet. J&R apparently posted product pages of the new, and also unannounced, Sony Readers which were then of course pulled, but not before Google cached ’em. (hehe) There really isn’t any tantalizing details that the wasn’t in the prevous leak. There still isn’t any mention of wireless connectivity like WiFi or WWAN though. If said… Read More

  • Sony’s Reader goes touchscreen with the PRS-700

    Sony’s got a new Reader in the PRS-700 and that Reader, it’s got a touchscreen. Simply slide your dirty, smudge-inducing finger across the six-inch screen and watch as the e-inked pages magically turn, just like a real book. Or use that same finger to enter notes and/or highlight text. There’s also a stylus for people like me who have weird issues with touchscreens. And for… Read More

  • Google Says It's Making Reader More Fun

    Google yesterday announced a few updates to Google Reader. The company tried to throw in some cool lingo to make the announcement sound better than it was, but let’s face it — how excited can you really get about putting your feeds in alphabetical order? According to the company, sharing is now available to friends across the globe. Prior to this announcement, it was only… Read More

  • Sony Reader coming to Target Stores

    Just in time for the Christmas buying season, Target is going to start pimping the Sony Reader. The e-ink reader should hit stores starting September 14, and purchasers will receive a free, early download of…wait for it…The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory. Exciting, I know. Read More

  • Google hearts the Konami code

    Even as Google grows bigger and bigger, its developers continue to slip little Easter eggs into their applications. It’s never anything huge – just little inside jokes which serve as a reminder that there are living, breathing people behind the otherwise faceless applications. As Blogoscoped points out, one of these people has infused a bit of gamer lore into Google Reader. Log… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 100 free eBooks with the purchase of a Sony Reader

    In what appears to be a last ditch effort by Sony to thwart the onslaught that the Amazon Kindle is bringing in the realm of eBooks, they’ll be giving away 100 Connect eBooks Classic titles with the purchase of the Reader Digital Book. That’s not too shabby considering each title is $1.99. A few of the titles included are Beowulf, The Time Machine and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Read More

  • Samsung puts RFID reader on single, tiny chip

    Samsung, our favorite tech company ending in “sung,” has revealed a compact and complete RFID reader, which they’ve managed to compress onto a single chip. It’s small enough (6.5mm square) to be embedded in clothes, posters, and probably babies as well – at least, if they wanted babies to be able to read RFID tags. Its low power consumption rate means… Read More

  • Sony announces updated Reader, eBook lovers around the world to meet in a phone booth to celebrate

    Call me Mr. Crazypants — it’s a Hungarian name, I think — but aren’t we done with eBook readers? I could see eBooks on the iPhone or eBooks on our laptops, but a standalone reader is just too esoteric and niche to really go far. I want this stuff to work but it’s just not in the cards. That said, Sony just announced their new Sony Reader. It will cost $300 and… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Hey readers. How are you? We love what you did with your hair. You smell nice, would you like a hug? All you beautiful people should shoot us an email at commenter at crunchgear dot com with your name, password, and email address in the subject line so that we can set you up with your very own commenting account. Yes, yes, the responsibility is great but we think you’re up to… Read More