Rainbow Six

  • Video: Rainbox Six Vegas 2 trailer is all weapons [Update]

    If you like the Rainbow Six series, and you like guns, you’ll love this video. Update: Sorry about that, folks. We’re working on getting the video, but you can check it out over at Shack News now. -PH Update: The video quit working, but I found a craptacular version on YouTube. You can thank me later. -MH Read More

  • Rainbow Six Vegas PS3 Casemod: Tactical Pandora Diorama Theory

    If you’re really into miniatures, and want your PS3 to double as a board for your figure-based strategy game (I know Warhammer 40,000: Vegas is coming out soon), this sort of thing is plainly for you. A lot of work has gone into this completely impractical conversion, which was made for an Ubisoft promotion. I’m more a fan of modding your case into a something, well, awesome… Read More

  • Cruncharcade: Frag Time

    While early summer is typically that time when video game releases slow down a bit, this year a few notable titles are showing up (plus there a couple of games that might have slipped through the cracks) This week we look at the games that will have you lock ‘n loading as you face off in some high intensity shooters. We’re also finally starting to see what Vista means for gamers… Read More