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  • Not So Fast, PSP Go Still In Production For North America

    So the Sony PSP Go might not be dead after all. This comes after rumors and reports stated that Sony recently stopped production of the PSP Go. Well, that’s not the case. Read More

  • Sony Stops The PSP Go

    I think we all knew this day was coming. A few retailers are reporting that their current stock of PSP Gos will not be replenished, and it seems that Sony has stopped producing the much-maligned handheld. Read More

  • Sony Cuts PSP Go's Price In The US And Japan

    We can’t say we’re very surprised: Sony announced [JP] a substantial price cut for the PSP Go today, both in the USA and Japan. In the States, the handheld will officially cost $199 by the end of this month, according to Reuters. Amazon has it already listed for the new price, while Sony’s official Playstation website still shows a $249 price tag as of this writing. Read More

  • Sony exec: PSP Go was our way of learning what gamers want (findings: not the PSP Go)

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s CEO has admitted that the PSP Go wasn’t exactly what consumers were looking for, and implied that it was a grand experiment aimed at determining what, in fact, they are looking for. Hmm. I guess I can’t blame them for trying. Read More

  • 17,618: That's how many PSP Go Sony sold in Japan in 2010

    Last month, we reported that according to some rumors in the industry, Sony is seriously considering relaunching their portable gaming device, the PSP Go, with a price cut and marketing campaign. And today, Tokyo-based research firm Media Create released [JP] the latest hardware sales numbers for Japan, one of the biggest video game markets in the world. And these numbers indicate that… Read More

  • Pretty random rumor: Sony plans to re-launch the PSP Go with price cut, marketing blitz

    My idea of market research is to browse various message boards to get a sense of what the people think. I recently found myself on a PSP message board—I’m a baller, you see—and discovered that the kids there (I assume they’re kids) now refer to the PSP Go as the PSP No. So yeah, Sony would do well to re-launch that bad boy. Read More

  • Watch the PSP Go unassembled and reassemble itself

    Ready to burn two minutes of your day? I sure hope so, friend, because after the jump is what very well could be the most exciting deconstruction video ever posted to our fine Internet. Here’s hoping that this will become the standard format for the obligatory gadget teardown. I don’t think I’m the only one tired of looking at a stale pic of a random device’s guts. Read More

  • Analyst: Expect Xbox 360, PS3 price cuts this year

    Yeah, you probably could have guessed that one already, but now someone from Wedbush Morgan has said it, validating your opinion in the process. So the deal is that both Microsoft and Sony are likely to cut the price of their respective consoles this year, probably around summertime. The thing is, because Microsoft’s manufacturing costs are lower, it has the ability to lower the cost… Read More

  • Potentially hilarious: Logitech rumored to be making a UMD drive for the PSP Go

    You can’t please all of the people all of the time. And as Sony showed with the PSP Go, sometimes it’s hard to please any of them. The lack of a UMD drive wouldn’t have been such a big deal if they’d made the switchover process simple and easy. But that’s not really what happened, and the PSP Go was somewhat of a disappointment for everyone involved. Logitech… Read More