PSP Go Minis to bring 100MB games to your pocket

Want Fieldrunners but don’t have an iPhone or Touch? You’re in luck — if you’ve got a PSP Go. The long-overdue tiny games market for the PSP is going to be launching, starring low-priced, sub-100MB games called Minis. 100MB is actually extremely generous; every game for a 16-bit system was far below that, and freeware games like Cave Story and La-Mulana (though both getting high-def remakes) are far below the limit as well. You can bet there’ll be some gems on this service.

Even if there isn’t too much developer interest at first, there are a fair number of iPhone games that can be ported over. Pricing is expected to be between $1 and $5, like most iPhone games. Man, if I had a PSP Go I’d be happy as hell right now; this could be a really fruitful marketplace.

[via 1up]