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  • Sony PSP, PSN has nothing to do with Google Chrome OS

    While we’re all thrilled to see Google throw a new coat of paint onto the Linux kernel, there are, in fact, other things going on Out There, like, say, the quickly evolving PSP. Yesterday’s exotic rumor suggested that Sony is working on a full-fledged PSP2, a system with Xbox1-level graphics. Today I spy an interview with a Sony so-and-so that attempts to explain the… Read More

  • PSP Go: faster under the hood, but you probably won't notice

    In addition to a Mylo-esque physique and UMD-less guts, it seems that the PSP Go has a significantly improved CPU. What a pleasant surprise! Of course, this isn’t leading to some games having a “turbo mode” or any other crazy ideas you might have — it’s just making the whole PSP experience that much more responsive. Read More

  • Sony planned UMD-less PSP all along

    In a show of forward thinking stifled by corporate lethargy, it seems that Sony had a PSP Go planned since 2004 but didn’t think the infrastructure was ready for it. Well, Sony, you missed the boat on that one. As usual, you took the low-risk, low-reward path and as usual I’m going to mock you for it. Because you know what else wasn’t ready when it came out? The Wii. Read More

  • Video: Eh, a video of the PSP Go

    Well how do you like that? It seems Sony was in town here in New York showing off the PSP Go. (I refuse to use that dumb exclamation point anymore.) Of course, CrunchGear wasn’t invited to play with it, to my knowledge, but let’s not complain about that today, on this very sad day for us all. Anyway, Cnet got to play with the device, and put together this snazzy video. Read More

  • Sony says PSPgo is expensive because it's new

    If you curled your lip and slowly shook your head when Sony announced that the PSPgo would cost $249, you weren’t alone. So it’s perhaps even more irksome when the head of Sony Europe just comes right out and says that you’re paying a premium price just because the PSPgo is new. What’s with all the honesty, Sony? Read More

  • GTA: Chinatown Wars heading to PSP this fall

    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will make its way to the PSP and PSP Go this fall. It’ll be available on UMD for PSP owners and in downloadable form on the PlayStation Network in both North America and Europe. Read More

  • PSP Go battery life worse than PSP-3000

    Here’s some new PSP Go info in case anyone wants to know. There will be three new features on the Go that aren’t available on the PSP-3000: Game sleep function, Bluetooth function, clock and calendar application. And PSP Euro Product Manager Adam Grant says the Go will have 3 to 6 hours of battery life for gameplay and 3 to 5 for videos. Hit the jump for details on the… Read More

  • Pretty much every PSP game released after October 1 will be on PSN

    Quick and easy: Sony says that “that just about everything hitting after October 1 will be available for download.” That’s for the PSP Go!, mind you. Read More

  • Sony: PSP Go price is juuust right

    While we certainly don’t think that companies should just drop their prices when bloggers like us whine about it, the PSP Go really is overpriced and Sony won’t admit it. It’s similar to the PS3’s situation, and if Sony’s pricing on that thing is any indication, we’re not going to be seeing a PSP Go for under $200 for a long, long time. Andrew House, SCE… Read More

  • Your old PSP accessories won't work on your PSP Go!

    Before we’re inundated with Apple news—not that there’s anything wrong with that—there’s still a few other issues to address. First on my docket this morning: did you know that the PSP Go!, Sony’s updated, senselessly expensive PSP, will require all new accessories? Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true. Read More

  • And the award for most prescient "artist's conception of" goes to…

    A few weeks back when the specs of the PSP Go were leaked, 1up made a little mockup that reflected what they felt the new slider handheld was going to look like. Sure, all signs pointed to the thing being a modified Mylo, but still, their little artist’s conception ended up being uncannily like the actual design. There are so many bad mockups and fakey fake photoshop jobs out there… Read More

  • PSP Go to come with UMD game-transfer service

    The question that has been on everyone’s minds regarding the PSP Go (“Um, what do I do with all my games that I bought) has been answered, though somewhat vaguely. John Koller, Sony’s Director of Hardware Marketing, said that there will be a system in place for people to get their UMD-based games onto their PSP Go. No, you won’t be ripping the UMDs directly; Koller… Read More

  • Notes from Sony's E3 press conference

    While the call of the open E3 show floor left us with nobody in an actual seat at Sony’s two-hour-long press conference, we have eyes and ears everywhere. Everywhere. Read More

  • Yup, Sony announced the PSP Go! at E3

    Alright, the PSP Go! is good to go just like we expected. The 3.8-inch screen, 16GB flash HDD, and slider design are all there. This new PSP isn’t designed to replace the current UMD-equipped generation, but rather live along side the PSP-3000. This boy is designed for those that want to give up physical media. Read More

  • PSP Go is go

    Here we go, friends. E3 is next week and Sony will be launching this UMD-less PSP Go with 16GB of memory. There’s even a freaking video out, after the jump. Read More