Sony launches its new game subscription service PlayStation Plus in North and South America

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that gamers from North and South America can now explore the newest version of its PlayStation Plus game subscription service, which now has one monthly

Sony will now pay researchers $50,000+ for critical PS4 bugs

Think you’ve found a way to consistently brick someone’s PS4, or make it run code that it shouldn’t? Sony wants to know — and now they’re willing to pay. This morning Sony an

The Sony PS2 Surpasses 150 Million Units Sold

<img src="">The Playstation 2 is eleven years old and just hit the major milestone of a 150 million units sold. Impressiv

DI-Someone else: Wireless motorized mountainboard (with remote!)

[youtube] Details are sketchy (but there’s lots to learn if you read the comments), but here’s another college student DIY

The PS2 is 10 years old today

<img src="" />It's the <a HREF="">PS2</a>'s 10th birthday today in Japan (where's it's already Friday).

The Audiovox VOD10PS2 uses a PS2 to babysit ADHD kids on roadtrips

<img src="">Tuners and posers have been putting PS2s into cars for as long as the system has been out, but <a href="http://www.crunchge

Sony patent shows surefire method of PS2 emulation possible on all PS3 models

<img src="" />Think back to the autumn of 2006, right before the big PS3 launch. Expecting someone to pay five-hundred-and-ninety-nine-U.

There will be a Silent Hill 1 remake for the Wii this fall

<img src="" />Here's the latest proof that the entertainment industry is creatively bankrupt. Konami has confirmed that it will remake

Sony to offer PS2 for less than $100 starting April 1

<img src="" alt="" />I recall picking up my PS2 on launch day back in 2000 and I sure played the hell out of that thing. I must ha

PS2 at $99 on April 5: Reasonably sound rumor

<img src="" />If we're to believe some guy working at Kmart (and why shouldn't we!), the PS2 will <i>finally</i> drop to $99 on April 5. S

"Playstation 2 Portable" on eBay

<img src="" /> Homebrewer Ben decided that existing handheld systems just weren't cutting it, so he went about creating a portable versi

Latin America is next on Sony's PlayStation radar

Put yourself in Sony’s shoes for a moment. You’ve conquered the three biggest gaming markets out there in Japan, North America and Europe. (The slow start of the PS3, and the still perceiv

Tokyo Game Show: Developer talks Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World for the PS2 (video)

[youtube=] The video was shot by and provided to CrunchGear first by DigInfo Tokyo. Everyone agrees that the Dragonball trailer looks pr

Logitech announces the Wireless Microphone for rocking good times

I was actually excited to see this announcement from Logitech until I saw which games it supported. Sadly, it only supports Boogie, High School Musical, Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Enco

Mortal Kombat: Kollection ships: Three games for $30

So, who still likes Mortal Kombat? Bless your heart, then, for a new three-game collection has shipped to stores nationwide. It’s called Mortal Kombat: Kollection, and it includes 2004’s M

PSA: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 in stores today

Just a friendly reminder that EA’s TW09 is in stores today for the Xbox 360 ($60), PS2 ($40), PS3 ($60), PSP ($40) and the All-Play version ($50) is available for the Wii.

Sony hopes to kickstart India’s gaming market with a new PS2

Sony recently announced it will release the fourth version of the PS2 in India and Russia in late October. The new model will be slimmer and have a built-in AC adapter. Sony hopes that by continuing t

Atlus announces Persona 4 (I'm excited)

You may have read my recommendation of Atlus’ monster hit, Persona 3: FES in a not-so-recent CrunchArcade column. It’s a great game, and as you can guess from the “3” in its ti

Sony has ‘no plans’ for downloadable PS2 games on PS3 Store

Sony has shot down the “PS2 games on PlayStation Store?” rumor. For now. The rumor started after last week’s big Sony press conference where it announced a PlayStation movie store. Some of t

CrunchDeals: Rock Band for PS2, $100 at Amazon

If you’ve got a PlayStation 2 and you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on Rock Band, then I can safely tell you to pull, dammit! Pull! has the PS2 Rock Band Special Edition bundle fo
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