PS2 at $99 on April 5: Reasonably sound rumor


If we’re to believe some guy working at Kmart (and why shouldn’t we!), the PS2 will finally drop to $99 on April 5. So, if you’re planning on picking one up in the next week, don’t! At least wait till April 5 comes and goes to see if this rumor holds up.

The PS2 has been priced at $129 for about three years now, and, for some reason, still sells reasonably well. Well, until quite recently, which may explain the price cut. And considering that it’s almost 10 years old, well, congrats to Sony & Co. for making a system that’s still sitting underneath my, and plenty of other folks’, TV. (I have the silver PS2 Slim, which I bought to play Final Fantasy XII while at school. I have yet to beat said game.)

So, yeah. It’s about time—provided this price cut is real and all. A minor detail.