Sony to offer PS2 for less than $100 starting April 1


I recall picking up my PS2 on launch day back in 2000 and I sure played the hell out of that thing. I must have played Ridge Racer and Madden for hours on end, but it wasn’t by choice. Heh. There weren’t too many titles that interested me at launch, but I played the heck out of Sunny Garcia Surfing and SoCom. I hope it still works.

Today, John Koller confirmed that the PS2’s price would drop to $99.99 starting tomorrow following the rumor that leaked out of Kmart yesterday. It’s been nine years and that console has sold over 50 million units to date. I just saw the latest batch of PS2s while I was in San Francisco for GDC and I almost didn’t recognize it because of how small it was. I wonder if the PS3 will shrink down that much. Anyone still have the original PS2?