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  • Amazon’s all-new Echo goes (RED) for a limited time

    Amazon’s all-new Echo goes (RED) for a limited time

    The new Echo is a better looking device than its predecessor, thanks in large part to its various fabric coverings. Now, there’s a new option for the outer shell: A PRODUCT(RED) special limited edition. The fabric outer comes in red, appropriately enough, and $10 of the purchase price (of $99.99, same as any other Echo) will go toward (RED)’s work fighting AIDS through the Global Fund. Read More

  • (RED) Partner Apple Has Raised Over $65M For AIDS Relief In Total

    (RED) Partner Apple Has Raised Over $65M For AIDS Relief In Total

    (RED) announced early today that its partner Apple had helped it raise more than $65 million to finance programs which include prevention, treatment, counseling, HIV testing and care services. The announcement was made by U2 singer Bono at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting. The $65 million means that Apple has raised around $15 million since February 2012 with the (PRODUCT)RED initiative… Read More

  • (PRODUCT) Red iPhone is fake

    Nowhereelse has photos of what is purported to be a (PRODUCT)Red iPhone but the lack of (RED) branding on the back definitely puts this in the fake category. As we see below, the (PRODUCT)Red branding always appears above the iPod branding. Read More

  • There's more Dell Studio (PRODUCT) RED laptops out there

    Dell now has more (PRODUCT) RED-branded laptops for you to choose from. New today are the Dell Studio 15 and Studio 17—go ahead and guess how large their displays are. The laptops can be configured with artwork from one of three artists whom I’ve never heard of—Joseph Amedokpo, Siobhan Gunning and Bruce Mau—which probably means they’re fantastic. (My knowledge of… Read More

  • Dell, Microsoft join (RED)

    Starting January 31 at Best Buy stores and Dell’s Website, you’ll be able to purchase a Dell machine with Windows Vista that’s been branded by (Product) RED. I can give you a bunch of statistics, but I won’t because you’ll ignore them. I will, however, tell you that with every purchase of a Dell product, Dell and Microsoft will contribute $50 to $80 to the… Read More