Evernote quietly disappeared from an anti-surveillance lobbying group’s website

In 2013, eight tech companies were accused of funneling their users’ data to the U.S. National Security Agency under the so-called PRISM program, according to highly classified government docume

When building a startup, think like a buyer

Every CEO is in sales. Pitching investors, selling to customers, recruiting all-stars, courting acquirers: it’s all sales

Amazon says US government demands for customer data went up

Amazon said the U.S. government asked for more data from the company during the first half of 2019 than in the previous six-month period. The latest figures in the company’s transparency report,

US tech giants decry Australia’s ‘deeply flawed’ new anti-encryption law

A group of U.S. tech giants, including Apple, Google and Microsoft, have collectively denounced the new so-called “anti-encryption” law passed by the Australian parliament last week. The b

Trump surveillance fears could lift privacy tech in Europe

The full ramifications of Donald Trump being the next president of the United States of America will not be known for months -- perhaps years. Given he's a man of many conflicting words it's near impo

Europe’s top court to weigh in on Facebook privacy ‘class action’

Europe's top court, the CJEU, has been asked to rule on whether a privacy-related legal action brought against Facebook can be treated as a class action or not.

Facebook Sees 23% Spike In Law Enforcement Requests For Data In The United States

Facebook revealed it received 23 percent more requests from law enforcement between January and June 2015 than in the second half of 2014. From January to June 2015, Facebook received a total of 17

European Facebook Privacy Lawsuit Heads To Court In Vienna

A class action data privacy lawsuit that's being brought against Facebook in Europe -- for participation in the NSA's PRISM dragnet surveillance program, among other alleged data protection violations

Find Out If U.K. Spied On You Illegally Via NSA’s Prism, Upstream

Following a landmark legal ruling earlier this month that, prior to December 2014, the U.K.'s spy agency GCHQ acted illegally by receiving data from the NSA's surveillance dragnets, privacy advocacy o

Facebook’s European Privacy Class Action Hearing Set For April 9

Some developments on the class action suit filed against Facebook over alleged privacy violations in Europe. Europe vs. Facebook, the group leading the suit now with 25,000 claimants in tow, has h

Post-Snowden, U.K. Parliamentary Committee To Probe Individual Privacy Vs. National Security

A U.K. parliamentary committee has widened the scope of a planned inquiry into the legislative framework governing national intelligence agencies’ access to private information, triggered by the PRI

Foursquare, Twilio, Automattic Among Latest To Join Demand For More Disclosure On US Data Requests

Today or tomorrow, the U.S. Justice Department is expected to file a brief with the FISA Court opposing <a target="_blank" href="">motions from G

Silicon Valley Luminaries Got Grilled On The NSA At Disrupt, Here’s How They Responded

Over the course of the three day Disrupt conference, Michael Arrington interviewed 13 of the most influential people in the tech industry, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Yahoo CEO Marissa

Ron Conway: There Needs To Be More Silicon Valley Debate About NSA, But I’m Not The Guy Who Will Lead It

<a target="_blank" href="">Ron Conway</a>, one of the more powerful investors in Silicon Valley, today defended his position of not getting involved in issue

Irish Data Protection Agency Smiles On Apple, Facebook Prism Compliance But Europe Is Taking Closer Look At Safe Harbor “Loophole”

The Irish Office of the Data Protection Commissioner has responded to two of the complaints filed last month by the Europe v Facebook (evf) campaign group against several U.S. technology companies for

Court Will Reportedly Declassify Yahoo’s Fight Against PRISM

Yahoo will be allowed to prove that it fought against the National Security Agency's Internet spying program, PRISM. A secret court ruled on Monday that the government should investigate how it can de

NSA Spying Risks Undermining Trust In U.S. Cloud Computing Businesses, Warns Kroes

The NSA PRISM spying scandal risks undermining trust in U.S. cloud computing businesses, the EC's vice-president, Neelie Kroes, has warned in a speech today. Kroes also reiterated calls for "clarity a

France Has A PRISM-Like Program With Millions Of Trillions Of Metadata Elements

<i>Sacrebleu!</i> The NSA isn't the only security agency to collect data. In fact, France's <a href="">PRISM-like</a> program is going very strong with <i>millions of, Reddit, Mozilla & Others Will Participate In Anti-NSA Web Protests On July 4th

A number of high-profile websites will be taking part in an online protest tomorrow against the National Security Agency (NSA)'s surveillance of online activity and phone calls. The protest is organiz

Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Skype & Yahoo Hit With Prism Data Protection Complaints In Europe

The European data protection activists behind the Europe v Facebook (evf) campaign group, that has long been a thorn in Facebook's side in Europe, have filed new complaints under regional data protect
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