• Cloud Storage Service Pogoplug Goes After Business Users With Launch Of “Pogoplug Team”

    Cloud Storage Service Pogoplug Goes After Business Users With Launch Of “Pogoplug Team”

    Cloud storage service and device maker Pogoplug is expanding beyond the consumer space today, to focus on the more potentially profitable business market. With a new offering dubbed “Pogoplug Team,” the company is introducing a service that will turn a file server or spare PC into a private cloud for storing data onsite. The idea, like most of what Pogoplug offers, is to provide… Read More

  • Pogoplug Launches New Hardware, Brings Unlimited Storage To Your PC

    Pogoplug Launches New Hardware, Brings Unlimited Storage To Your PC

    Pogoplug is launching the fourth generation of its flagship product today, the Pogoplug Series 4. As with all Pogoplug hardware, the new device lets you attach your hard drives and plugs into your router in order to instantly give you your own personal cloud of online storage. The service also comes with 5 GB of free online storage optimized for mobile users, and allows you to purchase… Read More

  • Pogoplug Debuts New Hardware For Streaming To Mobile Devices

    Pogoplug Debuts New Hardware For Streaming To Mobile Devices

    Cloud Engines, Inc., makers of the Pogoplug line of devices and accompanying software, are launching a new hardware product today called Pogoplug Mobile. The device works like the company’s current Pogoplug product – you attach your hard drive or drives, plug it into your router and instantly have your own personal cloud. In short, it’s like a NAS (network-attached storage)… Read More

  • You Can Now Turn Your Own Computer Into A Pogoplug

    Pogoplug is today releasing new software that basically turns any PC or Mac into a Pogoplug device, no additional hardware required. The software could be useful to stream pictures, music or movies to another computer or a mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.), and since multiple devices can be linked to a single account, you can access files from any of them individually or see all… Read More

  • PogoPlug Now With Less Plug

    PogoPlug, the host-it-yourself file sharing appliance, has a few new things for you. First there’s the PogoPlug Video, which adds easy streaming of videos from your location, without the need to transcode the source. Videos are streamable to the PogoPlug mobile apps on iOS and Android, as well as Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and “most media players and Internet-enabled TVs.”… Read More

  • Meet the PogoPlug Pro

    Since it’s launch, the PogoPlug has been an interesting little NAS device. The PogoPlug software has been continually updated with new features. There’s a vibrant developer community. And, most interestingly to me, the PogoPlug does not try to hide the fact that it runs Linux; indeed, they even tell you how to SSH into the thing! The recently released business-oriented PogoPlug… Read More

  • PogoPlugs Print! Also, Biz Model and WiFi Adapter Now Shipping

    PogoPlug keeps getting better and better. Today they’re announcing that wireless printing, first mentioned earlier this summer, is now available. Users can print from iPads, iPhones, Androids and pretty much any other Internet-connected device. While you’re vacationing in Rio, you can print off instructions for your buddy who’s house sitting for you! Or you can print off a… Read More

  • PogoPlug drops the cable, and the price

    I’m a big fan of PogoPlug devices. They’re super simple to use, and they’re pretty regularly updated with new features based on customer input. One of the most common customer requests is for a wireless PogoPlug model, so that you don’t need to locate the PogoPlug near your wireless router. Today that request is being (mostly) answered with a new 802.11 b/g/n… Read More

  • New business version of PogoPlug coming soon

    The plucky little PogoPlug, which I reviewed last December, has seen a number of modest updates in the months since. All of these updates are rolled out automatically, so unless you’re following the PogoPlug blog you might never know about them. The word on the street today is that a whole new PogoPlug device is coming, called the PogoPlug Biz. It sports a white case, instead of the… Read More

  • Pogoplug updates Android app: Control your drives from your EVO 4G

    PogoPlug just released its upgraded Android app. The app allows you to browse media and music on connected drives, share files publicly from drives, and search for files. You can also manage the folders on your connected drives. It is available in the app store now. As you recall, the Pogoplug is essentially a NAS adapter that plugs right into the wall and then pop in the Ethernet cable. Any… Read More

  • How to use the Seagate Dockstar on a LAN without Pogoplug

    Our readers are awesome. They are always trying to help. For instance we just got an email explaining the process needed to get the Seagate Dockstar to work on a local network without using Pogoplug. Here, let me give you the back story. I originally reviewed the Seagate Dockstar a while ago an found it to be a nifty little device hampered by the fact that you must use the online sharing… Read More

  • PogoPlug update adds new sharing and backup features

    The PogoPlug storage sharing solution sees a new firmware version release today, adding two major new features. First, XBox 360 and Playstation3 consoles can access media stored on a PogoPlug, making it easier than ever to enjoy media on your television without any new investments. Second, multiple PogoPlugs can now work together to offer remote backup functionality to ensure your data is… Read More

  • Review: second generation Pogoplug NAS

    PogoPlug has gotten a fair bit of coverage here at CrunchGear, including a full review of the original PogoPlug device. A new version was recently released, with quite a bit more to offer, so an updated review is in order. The second generation PogoPlug supports up to four USB drives, offers gigabit Ethernet, has mobile clients for the major smartphones, and has a burgeoning independent… Read More

  • New PogoPlug adds four USB ports, and more

    The PogoPlug, reviewed earlier this year, is a simple no-fuss NAS solution. I enjoyed using the product, and so have many other folks. In just the few short months since my review, the crew at PogoPlug have updated the hardware and features, and are rolling out their latest iteration. The new PogoPlug features four USB ports, a new address book feature, global search across all the drives… Read More

  • PogoPlug iPhone app released

    When I reviewed the PogoPlug USB NAS adapter last week, I mentioned that an iPhone app was in the works. That app just hit the Apple App Store, and is available for free now. The PogoPlug iPhone app allows users to stream music (or movies) that they don’t have room to store, back up photos as they’re taken, or read docs stored at home. That, my friends, is a pretty cool… Read More

  • Review: PogoPlug USB hard drive network sharing

    We wrote about the PogoPlug NAS adapter in January, and I was excited to see what it could do. I finally got my review model, and this little gadget does a pretty good job of living up to the hype. Read on for the whole scoop. Read More

  • PogoPlug NAS Adapter takes it to the next level

    I enjoyed using the Addonics USB NAS adapter: it was easy to use, and did a few simple things quite well. Now PogoPlug is entering the NAS fray, and takes things to the next level of simplicity. More details inside. Read More